Dreamworks Review: Introduction

Hello. I am Animated Kid, or as others would know me as Jayden-G. I have decided to create a blog just to try something, and I really want to share my opinoins on things related to animated films, animated characters, etc. I just want to say that I do not own any pictures, unless I state otherwise, and this blog is for entertainment purposes only.   I have wanted to do this for MANY months, and I decided to not procrastinate from now on. I have chosen to do something that a lot of people would not do; review the entire DreamWorks Animation canon. I am pretty sure you are asking. Why DreamWorks, and not Pixar or Walt Disney Aniamtion Studios? I just decided to do this to not only challenge myself (I am not a big fan of the company), but I want to start my blog debut and to do a different company like DreamWorks Animation. Image   I would like to give out props to bloggers like Unshaved Mouse, The Animation Commendation, and Kenzie for inspiring me to do this, and for originating the idea. DreamWorks Animation is known for it’s debatably funny humor, pop-culture references, non Dinsey-like characters, and pumping out films like they are in a high-demand factory (high-demand to kids, not so much for older folks). Point is, this company is and has been Disney’s biggest competition since the late 1990s, and offered something new to the table. I will be going through these films: Image

Their films may be generic, and not the most timeless, but under the mediocrity, there are some true gems. Follow me in the journey of DreamWorks Animation (hopefully I do not get too frustrated going through their canon) Image


18 thoughts on “Dreamworks Review: Introduction

  1. Glad to see that you have a blog now, Jayden 🙂 !

    Great idea on your Dreamworks Animation Canon reviews! I was thinking of doing this some time as well, but I haven’t watched “The Prince of Egypt” for religious reasons and didn’t think it’d be right to skip a movie when reviewing the entire Canon.

    But, I’m sooo looking forward to your reviews!

    1. Thank you for your support. I am still nervous about having a blog though. I already got a good amount of my Antz review completed. It should be up by Friday.

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