Underrated, Perfectly Rated, Overrated List Series Edition #1

This is another article series that I have came up with. In each article, I am going to describe a movie that is underrated, perfectly rated, and overrated. It will say why I think it is so, and why it has a reputation that it either rightfully or does not rightfully deserve.

Underrated: Treasure Planet

Released November 27, 2002
Released November 27, 2002

Why do I think Treasure Planet is underrated?

I think Treasure Planet is underrated because it is a lot better than the reputation the film has. It’s reputation involves it being responsible for the death of traditional animation, Disney trying to go into other genres that does not suit them and attempt to be modern. I am not saying that it is a hidden gem and classic, but it does have a lot of good things in it. Most of the characters (except the robot) is entertaining, likable, serves some kind of purpose, and plays their roles well. The story is similar to the one in the book, and it is executed extremely well. The issue with it is that it tries to be hip and modern too often, but that should not be the reason why it is so overlooked. This movie is entertaining for all ages (maybe not little kids), and worth a watch. It has some good quality stuff.

Why do I think Treasure Planet has the reputation it does?

This one is pretty self explanatory. The film flopped, BADLY. It made $38 million domestically, just over $100 million worldwide, with a budget of $140 million. Disney was already at rock bottom with the releases of Atlantis: The Lost Empire and The Emperor’s New Groove which did not do well in the box office, so another attempt to abandon everything the company was known for was one of the reasons why people did not watch. Also after the film was released, there was MAJOR layoffs at the studio, and they announced that the traditional animation department was closed. This is one of the films that WDAS NEVER talks about. Such a shame.

Perfectly Rated: Pocahontas

 Released June 23, 1995
Released June 23, 1995

Why do I think Pocahontas is perfectly rated?

I think Pocahontas is perfectly rated because it is not a very good movie. Even though I like this movie, there are more than a few issues with this film. I can see how the portrayal of American history, natives and europeans can come off as insensitive and offensive. Also, the plot is not executed well at all. There is almost none in the first half, and it is rushed in the second half. Also, the characters are not as characterized as they could have been. There is stuff there, but it is not really explored (the biggest examples are Governor Ratcliffe and John Smith). The animation is beautiful in the film, and the soundtrack is great. No wonder it went to #1 on the Billboard charts.

Why do I think Pocahontas has the reputation it does?

A reason of this is because it was released right after The Lion King, which was a huge success and people were really looking forward to this when it was released, but it disappointed; the mixed reviews show that. The second reason is that the plot is not really good and the characters are not as developed and characterized as they could have been. They could have been more careful with adapting the movie. Also, the animation and soundtrack are brilliant, but those should not be the standouts in an animated movie. It is not the best, but not the worst.

Overrated: The Jungle Book

Released October 18, 1967
Released October 18, 1967

Why do I think The Jungle Book is overrated?

I know a lot of people disagree with this, but this film is okay at best. I say this because it is just not that strong, despite being a …… good film. The plot is extremely simple to the point that there is almost none. Even Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has more of a plot than this. Also, the characters are flat stereotypes; Mowgli is the bland child, Baloo is the loose party animal, Bagheera is the serious one who does not know how to have fun, Shere Khan is an interesting villain though. It gets the credit it has because of the songs, which I also think are okay.

Why do I think The Jungle Book has the reputation it does?

The biggest explanation why this movie has the reputation it does is because it was released 10 months after Walt Disney’s still shocking death, and it was the final one he produced. I truly think that if it was released before is death that it would not have the big reputation it does today. Also, the music is the next biggest reason why it has this huge reputation. Heck in 1967, it made $73 million in  its domestic release because of it’s musical numbers. These reasons are why I think it has the reputation it does.

Please write down in the comments about what films you find overrated/underrated/perfectly rated, and your opinions about the list.



10 thoughts on “Underrated, Perfectly Rated, Overrated List Series Edition #1

  1. Cool idea for a new series! I like it!

    I totally agree with you that “Treasure Planet” is underrated. After re-watching it for my Disney Canon project, it made its way to my top 13 favorite Disney films. I also would consider “Brother Bear” underrated, although “Treasure Planet” is way better! “Robin Hood” is another one that I consider underrated.

    “Pocahontas” is as “Pocahontas” does…it’s the most boring film in the Canon, in my opinion!

    I can understand how people can consider “The Jungle Book” overrated and yes, I understand how the film is nigh plotless, yet it’s still one of my top 13 favorite Disney films. I consider “Lilo & Stitch” to be wayyy overrated!

    1. I liked Treasure Planet more than I thought I would. It is not really a classic, but it should not be buried 12 feet deep. It is better than Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

      I don’t really think Robin Hood is underrated (maybe it is because I….. don’t…… like…. it), as it is kind of weak. Brother Bear, I don’t really know what to say.

      Pocahontas is pretty boring, but I think there are more boring ones.

      Thank you for reading

  2. Well, I guess you already know what I think about the movies. Do I really have to say that I agree?

  3. ‘Pocahontas’ is a film that falls short on account of blandness, and thus does deserve the mixed critical reception. Must admit though, absolutely adore ‘The Jungle Book’! Could never call it overrated because there’s so much joy in it and so many great characters. But not all the Disney films are necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Everyone’s favourite lists vary in choices.

    1. Definitely agree on Pocahontas, though it is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. I am trying to be unbiased when I do blog posts, so I’m judging it on quality alone.

      I know a lot would disagree with The Jungle Book, but a lot are so one-dimensional and they made Mowgli the least interesting one and the least focused on. I like this one too, but it does not compare from a storytelling point of view to me. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Sure “Jungle Book” has a simple story, but that’s why I like it so much. The songs are fantastic, Shere Khan is a truly menacing villain, and the side characters are fun (particularly Kaa; he’s very cool).

    1. Well, my opinion on The Jungle Bookhas been more positive (I just wrote my review for it). It is a lot more fun than I remembered, but I still agree with most of my points. I am not hard on it though.

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