Underrated, Perfectly Rated, Overrated List Series Edition #2

This is another article series that I have came up with. In each article, I am going to describe a movie that is underrated, perfectly rated, and overrated. It will say why I think it is so, and why it has a reputation that it either rightfully or does not rightfully deserve, but this time, I am going to do Pixar films.

Underrated: A Bug’s Life

Released November 25, 1998
Released November 25, 1998

Why I think A Bug’s Life is Underrated?

I think it is underrated fro a few reasons. One is that it sticks to it’s theme and is well-executed, unlike the Cars series and Brave, which is more popular, but worse than this film. It is nowhere close to being the best Pixar film, but that is not really saying much when it comes to Pixar. It is completely forgotten about. It would b e one thing if it was BAD, but it is better than mediocre; likeable characters, cohesive plot, beautiful animation, nice soundtrack. It actually has a lot of humour for adults as well as kids, and it is enjoyable. I think this film should get a bit more love and recognition than it does. It is smushed between two Toy Story films, and does not even have a fan base, unlike Cars 2. It is not merchandise-able like other Pixar films.

Why do I think A Bug’s Life has the reputation it does?

One of the reasons why A Bug’s Life is literally the most forgotten Pixar film is because it was stuck in between two great Toy Story films, so it automatically became overlooked. People can say it is not as great as the others, but it does not have the somewhat negative reception of the Cars franchise and Brave, so it was just eh to people. As it’s successors made more money and got more popular, it was just forgotten about. It is not like it did badly; it was the 5th highest grossing film of 1998, and had great critical reception. I am not saying it is the best, but it is too good to be just locked in the Pixar vault permanently.

Perfectly Rated: Up

Released May 29, 2009
Released May 29, 2009

Why I think Up is Perfectly Rated?

I think Up is perfectly rated for these reasons. One is that it is not typical for an aminated film. Before the film’s release, Disney thought it was going to do badly because they could not merchandise toys about it; this film is a perfect example of how quality trumps over quantity any day. All of the characters (that are important) are developed and are given personalities, and being put in the weird but good premise makes for some enjoyable and heartfelt moments. There is little to no flaws in this movie, and Pixar should get the credit that this movie has for bringing a new style to animation, and it is great that it is extremely-well oriented.

Why do I think Up has the reputation it does?

One of the reasons why it has the reputation it does is because it is not predictable and cliché for an animated film; an elder man for a protagonist, extremely weird presence, a lot of heart, and not a lot is sugar-coated in this film. It is also the second animated film to be nominated for Best Picture, but the nominations did go from 5-10 nominees in that year.  I think it has such a huge reputation because it connects to adults extremely well; better than most animated features, but also connect to children the same amount it does for adults. This is a true definition of a family film, a film for everyone.

Released November 22, 1995
Released November 22, 1995

Why I think Toy Story is Overrated?

I know everyone thinks I am insane for calling Toy Story overrated, since it is a brilliant film, but after listening to my reasons than you will understand why I think so. One reason I think it is overrated because it is the very first CGI film, being a part of animated; no, cinema history.  People say that the characters are extremely developed, but I don’t really see how. Woody is developed, but Buzz thinks he is an actual space man until the third act, and then works off of being a toy; the sequels make these characters a lot more developed. The plot is great, but a bit simple. There is also that theory that the first of anything is the best, which is why this film is constantly said to be the best. It does not have the depth as some other Pixar films, but more than others.

Why do I think Toy Story has the reputation it does?

I think Toy Story has the reputation it does for many reasons. One is that it is the very first CGI film, so it will always be a part of animation history, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Also, the disappointing Pocahontas was released in that summer, and this film led up to the public’s expectations unlike the former. Also, there is that perception of “the first is always the best” thing. It is a great film, but it is also simple compared to it’s sequels and is not the best one just because it is the first one.

Please write down in the comments about what films you find overrated/underrated/perfectly rated, and your opinions about the list.


6 thoughts on “Underrated, Perfectly Rated, Overrated List Series Edition #2

  1. Your statement, “Overrated: Toy Story” seems to be missing. I love “Toy Story”, but your opinion is your opinion.

    I actually believe “Up” is extremely overrated! I never liked the movie and thought it was quite stupid; it’s even on my top 13 animated films that I don’t like, but everyone else does list!

  2. I agree concerning Toy Story…it’s good, but too many people act as if it’s perfect when in fact, the story itself is fairly predictable and not that unusual. There have been other movies about toys before, and other buddy comedies, too.

    I also agree concerning Up…it’s just a great movie, which deserves every bit attention it gets.

    A Bugs Life…well, I guess it doesn’t deserve to be nearly forgotten, but honestly, it’s really just an okay movie, and I have never meet someone who says it’s bad. And concerning that it will always be remembered for the infamous battle with Antz, I don’t think that it’s that overlooked than you seem to believe. People remember it just fine.

  3. Sorry to comment so late! I think Up is overrated, but unlike Commendation, I still really like the film. I only think it’s overrated because people usually claim that’s it’s very emotional, but it turns into “comedy train”the moment Russell shows up. I also only think it was nominated for “Best Picture” at the Oscars because Wall-E was robbed of that nomination the previous year.

  4. Up may be my favorite movie. I love the way Ellie is presence throughout the film and yet we meet her so briefly. It makes me think of my loved ones are with me and a presence in my life.
    I think the music is wonderful, the action and characters lovely. I could watch it once a week for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. So special

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