Underrated, Perfectly Rated, and Overrated List Series Edition #3

This is another article series that I have came up with. In each article, I am going to describe a movie that is underrated, perfectly rated, and overrated. It will say why I think it is so, and why it has a reputation that it either rightfully or does not rightfully deserve, but this time, I am going to do WDAS films ONLY from the Post- Renaissance Era. The ones are on the list are only slightly under/perfectly/and overrated, so don’t get too offended when your read the list.

Underrated: Bolt

Released November 21, 2008
Released November 21, 2008

Why I think Bolt is Underrated?

I think Bolt is underrated, but not too underrated. I think it is underrated because it pretty good and the best movie in the era since Lilo and Stitch, meaning good and likeable characters, a cohesive story which lacks plot holes, and entertaining. I say mildly underrated because this film is not very memorable compared to others released around the same time, ala WALL-E, Kung Fu Panda, Up, and The Princess and the Frog, and the film does not really stand out much. While it is not that stand out, it is too good to be completely buried by the company and audience. It is funny, and is perfect for a family to watch. It should have bigger recognition for it’s good qualities and the improvement of quality in WDAS films.

Why do I think Bolt has the reputation it does?

I realize I somewhat answered this in the previous question; it is not that memorable and easily forgettable compared to other films in the canon and films in general. The theme and premise of this film is similar to The Truman Show and others. Another reason is that it was released right before The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Wreck-It Ralph which are kn own to bring the studio back on top and to bring back the magic that was missing since Tarzan, so it automatically gets thrown to the dust, though it made more than PatF. Also, Miley Cyrus voicing a character and the ideal casting does not help too. This film just does not have the magic.

Perfectly Rated: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Released June 3, 2001
Released June 3, 2001

Why I think Atlantis: The Lost Empire is Perfectly Rated?

If anyone knows me from WordPress or Fanpop know that I think this film is a piece of crap. This film has a Gary-Stu as a main character, flat and unfunny supporting characters, a boring villain, a rushed relationship you can read about here, and a story filled with plot holes and contrivances. This film failed critically and underperformed in the box office for trying to be eye candy and Disney trying to do a film that does not associate with what they are known for by using mostly eye candy got what they deserve. This film is just a colossal mess and it is a great thing Disney buried it in to the dust. I am sorry to any Atlantis fans who read this, but I’m just telling it like it is.

Why do I think Atlantis: The Lost Empire has the reputation it does?

One reason it has the and reputation that it does is because it is actually bad, one of Disney’s worst. Another reason is that Disney was trying to recapture an audience they never had, and to get themselves back on number one instead of Pixar but when Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tarzan can at least receive some recognition for story and characters in the awards and all be on the top 10 box office films of their years, Atlantis made their rut official and even worse. Disney tried to escape from everything they are known from, did it badly, and failed. Also, traditional animation was being ignored at the time and this film made the demise of the animation type even worse.

Overrated: The Emperor’s New Groove

Released December 15, 2000
Released December 15, 2000

Why I think The Emperor’s New Groove is Overrated?

Like I said before, the choices are slightly under/overrated (except Atlantis). This film is not bad, just not very good either. There is this common belief that a funny film makes it a good or better film than a serious movie, and this applies here. The story is extremely simple and very black and white  with no depth to it. While the characters are fun and likeable, they are not that developed and the development comes off as a bit rushed. When it comes to a story-telling point of view, it fails though it does it’s job as a comedy.There are better films in this era that should get more attention than this one.

Why do I think The Emperor’s New Groove has the reputation it does?

I think the main reason this movie has the reputation it does because of the common belief “funnier makes it better”, kind of like Hercules. Another reason is that it is not a bad movie, and looks a lot better compared to others in the Post-Renaissance era, since a lot of the films in the era are pretty bad. Like I said about The Jungle book earlier, it got a lot of critical praise for one thing,. overlooking the most important things in the film, like story and characters and in this film’s case, it is the humour. Please write down in the comments about what films you find overrated/underrated/perfectly rated, and your opinions about the list.


5 thoughts on “Underrated, Perfectly Rated, and Overrated List Series Edition #3

  1. I liked “Bolt”, but considered it the most forgettable movie in the Disney Canon, even more forgettable than “Dinosaur”.

    “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” is one I don’t hate, but don’t love either. Same goes for “The Emperor’s New Groove”.

    1. I don’t know of Bolt is the mos forgetful one in the canon, but I know it’s up there. I watched Donisaur when I was 3 or 4 and then completely forgot about it until just a few months ago.

      I agree with you on Emperor’s New Groove. Atlantis just frustrates me. It seemed like it was trying to have that cool factor and focused on the animation and language of the Atlantians that the plot and characters suffered. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I admit, Bolt is one of two movies in the Disney canon I never came around watching (Meet the Robinsons is the other one).
    Atlantis is just a mess in scriptwriting. It’s gorgeous at times when it comes to animation, but that just doesn’t make up for the nonsensical aspects in it. And it being a rip-off of Stargate (the movie, not the series).
    I’m not sure if Emperor’s New Groove is really that popular that you can call it overrated. It’s hardly a movie people pick as favourite, just one which people who watched it, liked. And it is likable. When I want to watch a good Disney parody, I won’t watch Enchanted and certainly not Shreck, this is the movie which got it right. It’s hilarious, intelligent and spot on.

    1. Meet the Robinsons is an okay movie, and Bolt is pretty good, though forgettable.

      Atlantis is a complete mess. Whenever I say that on Fanpop, people get so offended so I can’t really explain things over there that much. Disney was trying to be different because Hunchback underperformed, but they had Gary-Stu characters that we don’t care about and a bad plot. They were trying to be cool.

      When I mean overrated on this series, I don’t mean by popularity, but for how people generalize and talk about it being very good and stuff, which is where I disagree. Thanks for commenting.

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