Underrated, Perfectly Rated, and Overrated Lists Series Edition #4

This is another article series that I have came up with. In each article, I am going to describe a movie that is underrated, perfectly rated, and overrated. It will say why I think it is so, and why it has a reputation that it either rightfully or does not rightfully deserve, but this time, I am going to do DreamWorks Heroines instead of movies. I know I have not done an addition of this in a long while, since I was focusing on the DreamWorks Reviews, but I promise I will make more posts to this series as well.

Underrated: Rita

From the movie Flushed Away
From the movie Flushed Away

Why I think she is an underrated character?

I think she is an underrated character because she does develop as a character, and she does have some back story and is likable with more than a few traits. She eventually learns to let her wall down. She is a tomboy, but it is not rubbed in or really that focused upon like other typical tomboys. We know that she is the oldest of a bunch of siblings, her family is broke and struggling, and she just wants to help them out.

Why I think she has the reception she does as a character?

To be honest, she has no reputation as a character, since her movie is extremely forgettable and not really talked about, which is a shame. I say this is a shame because there are many good characters that stand out of forgotten or bad movies. She just is not talked about at all and that is it.

Perfectly Rated: Princess Fiona

From the movies Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek Forever After.
From the movies Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek Forever After.

Why I think she is a perfectly rated character?

I think she is perfectly rated because we learn more and more about her and she actually develops. I think we know more about her than we do Shrek, who’s development movie through movie is through the same emotions ad the same, tired “I’m an ogre thing”. In the first movie, she develops from the typical princess, to the girl who does not care about looks, gross, and becomes more realistic. And they ADD to her in the second movie with them showing us her parents and that backstory. Because of this, we see why she is or was the way she is/was, and see many sides of her.

Why I think she has the reception she does as a character?

One of the reasons she has the reputation she does is because she is the first girly-girl princess who is kickass. Usually there is a kickass princess who is not that girly or fairytale like, or there are the fairytale girls who do not develop or do much in their stories. She was a breath of fresh air for people. Also, she is a part of one of the biggest franchises in the 2000s that made a lot of money and put somewhat a spin on fairytales with pop-culture and stuff. Either way, she is a good character and deserves all the recognition she gets.

Overrated: Chel

From the movie The Road to El Dorado
From the movie The Road to El Dorado.

Why I think she is an overrated character?

I think she is overrated for a few reasons; one of them is that she does not develop (but that is a crime for the entire cast of characters), and we do not know anything about her other than she is a villager who lusts for Tulio (I refuse to call it love). I can go far enough and call her a plot device to split up the pair that is practically the same character. The characters are one of the reasons why I do not like  this film. Another reason is that her “so called sexiness” overshadows everything. Just because she is sexy to a majority does not make her an engaging character.

Why I think she has the reception she does as a character?

Like I said, one of the reasons is because of her so called sexiness. Okay, she is decent looking but what about growth as a character, background? She does not need to have one because she is hot,(which is what a good amount think). Also, she has the reception she does because while her movie is not a success, it has a lot of popularity because it is very adult. She is shown given Tulio a blow job, there is cursing in this, and a lot of sexual subtleties in this film. It would be one thing if she has an important part in the story, but she does not.

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8 thoughts on “Underrated, Perfectly Rated, and Overrated Lists Series Edition #4

  1. “Flushed Away” is one of my favorite Dreamworks Animation films; I wish it was more popular!

    Is Chel even famous enough to be overrated? I never hear anyone talk about the movie, “The Road to El Dorado”, much less about the characters. But I totally agree with you that she’s in lust with Tulio and not love and her character is just oozing sex and nothing else. I don’t like her.

    1. Well, I am on Fanpop and Fanfictoin and even when I am on animation sites, the films and characters always suddenly come up, so that is why I included her.

      A part of it was if they deserved to be called great characters or not, and i heard so much that she and Tulio and Miguel are these fantastic characters and as you know, I think they are not.

      I do like Flushed Away more than Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Fanpop is a fansite where you join a club for example, the Disney club. You and a bunch of other fans start polls, articles, forums, photos, talk on walls like Facebook, and do a bunch of other things. It is a really neat site, but some clubs are a lot more busy that others. A lot of the people that view my blog is from Fanpop (Swanpride and others who do not comment)

      2. It’s fun, though it depends on the club…some of them are very active, some of them not so much. But the neat thing is that when you post something, it immediatly lands by the right people. You don’t have to built up a fanbase first to make sure that your stuff is found.

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