Walt Disney Animation Studios Review: Introduction

After the successful DreamWorks Reviews segment, I decided I will start next with Walt Disney Animation Studios. They are known for their mostly timeless stories, and being around since the 1920s. I am a huge fan of this company and their output (for the most part) and I appreciate that they are ALWAYS about the story, characters, and timelessness first.

They have evolved as time went on, and have changed their morals, but they have been there for many, many generations. It is a new year, so why not start out with the original animation company that has touched most people’s hearts. Despite that, they have had their good years and bad years for MANY reasons. We will look at their journey as a production company and as pop-culture as we look through these movies with the characters we love or love to hate:

This will take me a year to do, so it is going to be a long journey ahead of us. Is Walt Disney Animated Studios overrated, or do they deserve all of the credit they deserve? I did this instead of Pixar because there are some films that I can praise like crazy to, and others that I can bash the hell out of. Either way, it will be less draining than DreamWorks.


5 thoughts on “Walt Disney Animation Studios Review: Introduction

    1. Maybe a year and a month. You would be surprised at how quick I can write a review now. I see this ending by March of next year for sure though.

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