The Nut Job Review

2014`s first animated feature film.

My opinion right after watching film

My opinion right after watching this film is that it is unlikable to generic. While most of the characters are unlikable and dull, with the story being simple, and the animation being disturbing, I was never really bored by it; still does not mean it is good. It is like a worse version of Over the Hedge.


I found no relevant information on this.


So the film starts with a group of animals living in a park in Oaken packing for hibernation, but their leader Raccoon (Liam Neeson) tells them that they do not have enough food for hibernation , but they will persevere. This causes Andie (Katherine Heigl) to go look for nuts, but has to go with the immensely annoying proclaimed Hero Grayson (Brendan Fraser).

So our main ass character Surly (Will Arnet) is a pariah because he is too selfish and troublesome. He is trying to steal from a nut cart, and is finding a scheme to do so. When Andie and Grayson show up, all things go wrong, and…..

He drags the burning cart to the tree, causing it to blow up, and……..create popcorn. Did they have corn seeds to do this. It is not really funny, and it makes Surly even more of an ass because he feels no care for what he did.

Andie thinks he should get a trial, but he refuses. The entire group then decide for him to be banished. As he leaves, he pushes his only friend and confidant; the rat Buddy (Robert Tinklr). He eventually joins him, and they find a nut shop, and then suddenly Gangnam Style plays. WTF. This movie is set in the late 50s to early 60s and we have Gangnam Style. A big issue with the music in the film.

We then get this subplot of the nut shop owners being thieves and it has absolutely nothing to do with the main story, so we will ignore it. Andie and Grayson find the nut shop as well, and they eventually make a deal to split it half and half. Why does one person need half of the huge supply of nuts, when Andie has to feed a whole group. Makes no sense.

Take note that we are midway through the movie and the main plot JUST started.

So she finally gets her family to join the heist, but they are planning to backstab him because they think he is going to do the same to them. He gets annoyed that the other keep up bringing up Raccoon and how he would or would not approve of something, and he blows up at Andie, saying he is going to help himself.

At their second try at the heist, Mole sabotages them, and Surly confronts him about it. The mole tells him that the raccoon wants less food so he can control them better. This does not make much sense to me. Surly goes back to tell everyone, but no one believes him, and he insults his best friend and Andie for no apparent reason.

This scene makes Surly an even bigger ass, an even bigger unlikable protagonist, and just despicable. He confirms that he only hangs out with Buddy because he does what he says and he is easy to use. And he STILL expects him to join him. I can not stand people who use and abuse. And he insults her in the worst way, when she and Buddy were the only ones who did not defensively attack him. He snaps on the 2 people who deserve it the least, and the animals have a right not to believe him; given under the circumstances of what he did, and he suddenly acts like they are not justified for feeling that way.

So Surly leaves to get his cut of the nuts (like he is gonna eat all of his share), but to only be confronted by Raccoon, Mole, and the rats that wandered the alley. Remember that the actual heist part of the film was only 20 minutes -_- .

Anyways, I am too lazy to deal with the rest of this, so here is the climax. Surly escapes and joins Grayson, the animals are stuck in a van, Grayson and Surly get to the van, where Racoon is outed as a traitor, and Raccoon is determined to get Surly. They end up at the river, where both of them fall, but Raccoon does not survive, Surly is seen as a hero, and decides to look for more nuts for the others (since he is so called reformed). And Buddy forgives him, though he was just bashed by Surly a few hours beforehand -_-. Whatever.

The pacing in this film is not good. There is little to no build up, filler, scenes dragged way too long, and the story is so paper thin. They try to add to the plot with the human bank story, but it has nothing to do with the main story; taking up more time. There is character development and this film did not make me cringe, but it is baseless and has no heart. Oh, and there is gonna be a sequel to the movie. Smiles.


Th characters; oh my goodness the characters. Not only are many of them flat as a pancake, but they are also unlikable. It is hard to relate to or feel sympathy for any of the characters in the movie because they are so unlikable and flat. Oh, and another issue was that I recognized MANY of the voices in the film. Not only was I thinking of some Total Drama characters (the voice actresses of Beth and Sierra are in here), but there are celebrities like Brendan Fraser, Katherine Heigl, and Will Arnett. Very distracting. I am only gonna use 10 words to describe them for my own sanity.

He is a selfish douche, and his development is unbelievable.
She is very by the books. Likable, but still flat.
Eh, he is ruthless, controling….. just your generic villain.
Ugh, the most annoying and obnoxious character in the movie.
Failed comic relief. Only connection to the humans and animals.
He is too damn loyal for his own good. Sad.

The others are non factors and not worth mentioning.


The animation in the film is a mixed bag for me. Sometimes it is good and the coloring and the light is good, but the textures on the animals and materials are terrible. I have seen A LOT better animation though. Not the prettiest to look at.


The music in the film makes no sense. We are in the world of an urban 1950s-1960s, and I am hearing the bad Gagnam Style. We have a bunch of random modern music that is used for pop culture jokes or a cheap laugh that is not funny. Bad choice.

Reception Today

When the film was released on January 17th, 2014, it was panned by critics, hating it for it`s simple story, unlikable characters, weird animation, and bad jokes. In the box office (as of February 6th, 2014), it made  $51,272,664 in North America, and $2,961,172 elsewhere, making $54,233,836. Remember, the film has been released for 3 weeks, so this number WILL change. I say it MIGHT make another $100 million. Oh, and they just confirmed that based on the “success“ of this film, there is going to be a sequel released in January 2016. Not the best to start this year of animation.

Final Score

Story: 4.5/10

Characters: 3/10

Animation: 6/10

Music: 5/10

=18.5/40 = 46%


16 thoughts on “The Nut Job Review

    1. Hey Swanpride. It has been a while. It sucks that I can’t PM you on Fanpop anymore.

      Yes, it sucks that this year started like last year. Don’t watch this film. It is not cringeworthy, but most of the choices sucks. I have hope for Lego movie, and I heard it is getting praised.

      Oh, and you will be suprised that I DON’T bash Sleeping Beauty in my review of it (finished it Friday).

      1. Well, I am still sticking to my schedule.
        Did you finally recognize the beauty of the animation? The greatness of the music? How badass Maleficent is? And did I ever mention that Phillip is still my favourite prince? (What? Why are you looking at me as if I am crazy?)

    2. You know I can’t spoil it. We’ll have to see in April when it is published. There are some coming up that I bash (some in Package Era and one in Silver Era)

      Schedule of what?

      1. Articles? I am very busy with keeping up…one article every Saturday since I started the blog….plus all the articles for The Science of Adaptation….it’s a wonder I still manage to work in Music and Lyrics in-between.

  1. Boy what a stinker. It looks awful and even Liam Niesen is bad. It didn’t look finished and things like the gangham style dance may have been popular when they started animation but look so dated now. It just was boring and unpleasant and awful. They sure were smart to release it in January when not much else to see and is typically the Hollywood dumping ground. That’s the only reason it made the money it did. Films were very smart on that level this year.

    1. It really looks extremely cheap all around. I did not even remember the Gagnam style until you mentioned. It aged already, an it has been 10 months. Lol.

      I swore that it barely made money, but I have not checked the box office of this film in months, so idk. It is a good thing it was released i January for that reason, and so we can get over the film in the beginning of the year, and forget it to enjoy better films.

      1. Nope it was timed very well when the only other family film out was Frozen. It made 112 million on a budget of 42 so they are sitting pretty….

        The only family films to do poorly this year was Legends of Oz which had a budget o 70 million (where did the money go?) and made 18 and Muppets Most Wanted which technically made back it’s budget of 50 million but global box office of 78 million was a big disappointment especially after the 2011 film made 165 on a 48 million budget and won an Oscar. It was up against the Lego movie and lost. Other than those 2 films the studios have been very smart the way they’ve released all the animated films/family films of 2014.

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