POLL: What do you think of 2014’s outputs of animated films so far?

I need to start hosting more polls, since a blog is supposed to be more interactive. We have 3 films that have been released; The Nut Job, Lego Movie, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and I am curious to know if you think they started off 2014’s animated output in a good or a bad way.


21 thoughts on “POLL: What do you think of 2014’s outputs of animated films so far?

      1. It is from the upcoming season of Total Drama, which is called Total Drama Pathiktew Island. His name is Topher.

        I was going to do a Donald, but it did not work out.

      2. I didn’t finish seeing Season 5, but I know who won anyway. Yeah, the show had better days: I didn’t like it when they changed the cast. Oh, and I can’t vote because I haven’t seen any of these movies.

      3. Actually, I have a feeling that I’ll like the character (Ella, right?) if I watch the show. I only hope they don’t bash the Disney Princess franchise (though the way they are marketed doesn’t help). But by the looks of it, this season is going to be absolutely awful.

      4. They probably are going to use her as a slap in the face to Disney.I will definitely be watching, just to see how good or bad it will turn out.

      1. Same!! I’ve yet to see the first HTTYD yet (I know, I know, I need to!), but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it and plan on watching the first so I can see the sequel, and everything I’ve heard about Big Hero 6 sounds amazing!

  1. its definitely inbetween, but wayyyyy better than 2013. the first one was horribly disappointing and unmemorable, the Nut Job. Honestly, Disney’s direct-to-DVD releases of Tinker Bell series, including the recent Pirate Fairy, has higher quality than that and they didn’t have a theatrical release!

    the second one was good, not great imo, the Lego Movie. some scenes are too dragged on to me, and the characters aren’t that engaging. It only got interesting to me in the 2nd half and the surprising ending. the jokes r definitely in-jokes, and I got some, no much….

    the third was Peabody and Sherman. I honestly was hyped for this, but people said its not that great, and the butt jokes in the trailers r irritating and frustrating it made me lose interest…..

    the fourth is rio 2. I have no interest in the film, as the first one was ok, not great. but, altho the audience loved it, the critics aren’t liking it. it got a rotten score……

    HOWEVER, if u count direct-to-DVD releases, then the Pirate Fairy is better than Nut Job. as a direct-to-dvd movie, the animation is way way superior to Nut, the storylines r decent and not bad for a direct-to-dvd, and the characters r better as well. it def need a theatrical release if nut job got one…….. John Lasseter really is trying his best to make all 3 major Disney animation studios (WDAS, Pixar, and DisneyToon) successful through high quality films instead of cashgrabs like what happened in the 2000s.

    however, im really hoping for How To Train Your Dragon 2 to pick up, if DreamWorks successfully not watering down the original film. As well as Disney’s Big Hero 6 (XD). im not having high hopes for Home tho….. honestly, these makers r trying to destroy the animation medium created by Disney and Pixar…….

    1. Nice to see you back TT. Your recaps of the first 3 films this year are pretty much equivalent to my 2014 reviews. I think the Tinkerbell films are doing great things for Disneytoons, but Planes ruined what was established. I am proud of Lasseter. Definitely better than 2013.

      A review should be coming out for Rio 2 on the last few days of April (I watch them online instead of the theaters).

      I am SO not looking forward to Home. Rihanna? Expect a soundtrack that has a bunch of songs sung by her.

      1. I agree with u on Home. the celeb voice trends established by DreamWorks r getting out of hands. next u know, Obama will be in the film as well (considering how he visited the studio during production of Home).

        And I’m looking forward to the Rio 2 review! I gotta find the bootleg version lol coz im definitely not watching the sequel in theater.

      2. It was one of my biggest complaints in my DreamWorks Conclusion post.

        When you do find the bootleg version, send it to me, so I can get this movie over with. Thanks. NONE of the 2013 films and the 2014 films got my money.

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