Planes: Fire and Rescue review

2014’s 7th feature film.–rescue-7779

My opinion right after watching film

Yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn. Oh shit, I need to wake up. Anyways, my opinion on this film is that it is an extreme bore. It is really predictable, with a flat cast, and it rehashes the story of the first one, with some tweaks in it (and it says a lot when I barely remember any of the characters from either this film or its predecessor). It is better than the first movie, and not the worst film this year, but that is not saying much. This franchise needs to die.


As I was reading the info on the production of this film, I could not believe that they started production on this film 6 months before its predecessor started production (not even after Planes was done production or premiered in theaters). It shows how desperate Disneytoons was.  And apparently, they have been working on this film for 4 years.

They went to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and to the US Forest Services to study more about that type of fire lifestyle, and how Cropdusters were initially used to take out forest fires in 1955 and all of that.


So the film starts, and Dusty (Dane Cook) is a successful air racer; actually the most successful, hottest one at the moment. He decides to go on another race, and he is doing well at first, but his engine fries up, causing him to spin around crazily, with no control of himself, and his heading for the floor really fast.

If only the film ended with this crash......if only...
If only the film ended with this crash……if only…

So his mechanic Dottie (Terri Hatcher) tells him that while he is her biggest customer, she hates what he is doing to himself, and Dusty thinks he is going to be fine. Wait, I know I watched the first film all those months ago, but I DO remember them saying something along the lines of him not being able to physically handle it. ALL OF THIS could have been avoided IF HE LISTENED IN THE LAST FILM. Dottie tells him to make sure he runs on low gas, because the engine part that he needs replaced is low on production, and there is a good chance that he will never be able to fly properly.

Dusty tries to fly again, but he failed and ended up causing a fire, causing the plane fire fighters to come, and apparently the safety airport people come and tell a firetruck Mayday (Hal Holbrook), who failed to put out the fire, and is on jeopardy to lose his job. Dusty says that he will become a firefighter so he can reopen the airport.

New plot device; his goal for the movie is to become a firefighter. So they will mostly reuse the formula they did in the last film, but replace everything from a racer, to a creative.
New plot device; his goal for the movie is to become a firefighter. So they will mostly reuse the formula they did in the last film, but replace everything from a racer, to a firefighter……how creative.

He flies to the training area and is trained by an experienced firefighter named Blade Ranger (Ed Harriss), and the training is not going as smoothly as it should, with Dusty being overly optimistic, ignorant, and a bit too careless. We get some filler with Dusty and the other cars, before he is told that there is a gearbox piece, which excites him.

Dusty somehow finds out that Blade was an actor on a popular TV show, but then he somehow disappeared, which he has failed to explain to anyone about the matter. He continues training  like proceeded, but is told that they ordered the wrong one, and that there is no one that has the gearbox he needs, because it is obsolete.

Planes 2
I know I am supposed to care and feel bad for him, but all I am feeling is boredom and agitation of not getting out of this film and review fast enough.

So him and Blade are out to put the fire, and while Blade tells him to lay low and to not use all of the extinguisher thingy, Dusty disobeys him, and does all that he can (despite being inexperienced). He does this because he only replays the negative things and news he was told in the film, about how his racing career is over, and all of that. He goes back to reload, since he used up all of his extinguisher stuff, and drove too fast, causing him to crash in the water, and almost fall down a waterfall, but Blade saves him.

They get into an argument about Dusty always fucking up and disobeying him, where he reveals that he never wanted to be a firefighter. Blade tells him to win another trophy, where Dusty tells him that he can’t because his gearbox is done and his career is done. Blade feels bad for him, and tells him not to give up, but Bade ends up getting injured when they hide from the fire, and the fire gets to them, as he protects Dusty from the fire, and having Blade be taken to the mechanic to get fixed.

So long story short, Blade gets fixed, everyone goes to put out the fire, Dusty has to use max speed to stop the fire, causing him to go unconscious (for a plane). He is lifted up, and they all get a happily ever after, as he becomes a fire fighter. Yawn…..wait, I am supposed to say yay.

Planes 2
Holy fuck. I think this film is more boring than the first one, and I NEVER thought that would happen. The plot is still overly simple, and gave the characters nothing to develop or work with, and brings nothing new, with a rehashed plot from the first film. Yes, this film has a better plot, but we still barely know anything about the characters, or make them seem like characters. PLEASE DISNEYTOONS, DON’T MAKE ANOTHER SEQUEL TO THIS.


There are A LOT of characters in this film, but 90% of them have no impact on the plot at all, and are less than half dimensional characters; or jokes. The two characters that do have relevance are almost as boring as the side characters.

He is the generic, bland hero, who does not grow as a character or have us learn more about him. He is NOT a good main character. He needs more to him, and not have a rehashed plot, with a different career.
He is the typical, strict leader and trainer, but we do learn that he was an actor and stuff. Still not that engaging.
He is the typical, strict leader and trainer, but we do learn that he was an actor and stuff. Still not that engaging.


Well, because of the crappy quality video I watched, it is not the best version, but I can tell that the animation is pretty decent. Disneytoons has improved with their CGI from the Tinkerbell films. I can’t say anything else though.


The music is……………………………………………generic, and nothing more. There is no songs in the film, and the score is nothing special. Even the first Planes had some memorable and creative score sounds, but this film has nothing. If anything, the music put me close to sleep.

Reception at Release

When this film was released on July 15th, 2014, it opened at #3 (behind Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and The Purge: Anarchy) on its first week, and then dropped to #5 on the second week, and #6 on the third week. So far, it has domestically made $57 million, and internationally made $37.5 million, with an overall total of $94.4 million (as of August 24th, 2014).

It received mixed reviews with many saying that it is flat and lacks substance, but it has a lot more heart and effort than the last film did, but it is still for little kids instead of a family audience.

Final Score

Story: 5/10

Characters: 4/10

Animation: 7.5/10

Music: 5/10

= 21.5/40 = 54%

I am SO SORRY that this review is so short, but with this film, I had nothing else to work with, and this was a HUGE struggle to get through.


8 thoughts on “Planes: Fire and Rescue review

  1. Really? You bothered to watch this?
    The only good thing about the Planes movies is that they are at least not really sequels…but honestly, Disney should have learned something at this point. Those crappy direct to video movies only destroy their image, especially if they get a theatrical release.

    1. I wanted to review every animated theatrical film of the year, and this film is unfortunately on the list. What made me even more annoyed is that I had to put off writing my Tangled review for this film, since the review should have been out over a month ago.

      Disney definitely needs to learn their lesson. They started this film only a few months after they started the first film; utterly ridiculous. This is NO better than the cheap quels from the 90s-2000s.

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