Elsanna Rant

This is an issue that has been bothering me since the movie came out, and as I am speaking to you about this matter, I am also currently writing the Frozen review (yes, I am that far ahead), so it popped into my mind. For some reason, this pairing is the most popular shipping in the Frozen fandom, and it is very disturbing.

Literally. Type Elsanna on Google Images, and the nasty imagery you would get involves most of them engaging in fellatio and all of that stuff, and.......blech. And I do not dislike this couple because they are two girls, and I am in no way a homophobe, so I did not want people accusing me of that.
Literally. Type Elsanna on Google Images, and the nasty imagery you would get involves most of them engaging in fellatio and all of that stuff, and…….blech. And I do not dislike this couple because they are two girls, and I am in no way a homophobe, so I did not want people accusing me of that.

People can ship yaoi/yuri couples, and I have no issue or conflict with that, but the big issue about this couple is that THEY ARE SISTERS. That is a fact that CANNOT be ignored. We live in a world where incest is not only disgusting and illegal, but it completely immoral, and the thought of being with someone who you are family by blood with is just so creepy and mind-blowingly nauseating. It is actually very disturbing with the amount of people who are supporting incest, and I have heard many say in defense “there is nothing wrong with it, and we are being prejudice. Homosexuals were hated and looked down upon, but now they are accepted”, but homosexuality and incest are two completely different things that should not even be compared to one another, because liking someone who is the same gender is completely different than liking someone who came out of your relatives having sex one way or another, and are very close in the gene pool.  Just the thought of someone you love on a sibling or a cousin level, and you watched grow up being a part of the family, and then the entire….ugh.

Not only is incest completely disgusting anf vile, but it completely misses the point of the movie; focusing on sibling and family love being just as strong as romantic love.
Not only is incest completely disgusting and vile, but it completely misses the point of the movie; focusing on sibling and family love being just as strong as romantic love.

The directors wanted to focus on something different, like family love, and a strained relationship between two family members, but with a bunch of people twisting that to fit their need for romantic love is completely slapping the film in the face, and ignoring what it is about to fit that perception. Apparently, the “way they look at one another and act is reminiscent of lovers and a couple.” HOW? WHY? WHAT? So because a sister wants to speak to her sister, and they have a natural relationship means that they want to shag one another? Not only is that ludicrous, but it is also a slap in the face to sibling relationships. Point blank, it is deluding something into something that it is not. I am trying are not to lose it, but…..I feel so nauseous as I write this.

I think that many animation fans feel the need to insert romance in very single aspect of a film, especially when there is little to no romance in a film, because face it; a lot of us are romantics. But inserting to these two as a romance? I…….I can’t respect it, as it literally makes no sense, and nothing can convince me otherwise. There is literally no rational reason as to why this pairing makes any sense or is a good idea.


And you know the most disgusting thing about it all? As soon as you go on Tumblr, DeviantArt, Fanpop, and especially Fanfiction, almost ALL of the work on the Frozen sections are for this romantic pairings. Like over 80%.

It is just really mindblowing that incest is really being supported, and at the end of the day, that is EXACTLY what this shipping is doing. I get it that there are no homosexual relationships on Disney, and I feel you for that, but to turn sisters into lovers is taking it too far. And even if you separate that fact, their personalities really do not compliment one another romantically, but the fact is, YOU CANNOT SEPARATE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE SIBLINGS AND GREW UP TOGETHER.

So overall, this ship makes me nauseous, disturbed, groan, and also engage in the utter confusion that the internet continues to show me. I do not mean to disrespect the fans themselves, as I am not attacking you individuals, but I am expressing MY opinion on the matter. This pairing has almost no logic to me, and does not give me a good feeling at all.



14 thoughts on “Elsanna Rant

  1. I read theories about Elsa being a lesbian, but THIS pairing is news to me. I never knew about it until I read this post. Wow. I may like Frozen, but this whole incest thing is just ridiculous. Why?? I mean, if someone’s going to write a story about Elsa being a lesbian and all, at least have it be with someone who’s NOT RELATED TO HER. Come on! Not cool.

    1. It is all over the Frozen fandom, and is literally the most popular thing about the movie. I don’t have an issue with her being a lesbian, but this is taking it too far. And many are saying that there is nothing wrong with incest -_-.

  2. Rarely do you get two female protagonists to share the screen together (Brechtel test). And rarely are they this attractive. Plus, the movie is animated, lending itself to fan art. I understand WHY people would be inclined to sexualize their Anna and Elsa’s relationship in the way they have, but I don’t think that necessarily means they ALL believe incest is okay. I know you bring up the crowd of people who believe incest is okay, but they might be a small minority of the Frozen fandom group. These are fictional characters we are dealing with. I doubt these people would actually engage in the act themselves, revealing where they truly stand on the issue. In any case, incest has been tabooed by basically the entire human race since the bible was written, so I don’t think there is any real risk of Frozen shaping the Western moral compass anytime soon lol

    1. I definitely see how the animation and the fictional characters thing can explain why people don’t take this shipping seriously. Incest was taboo, but a lot of the royal families back in the days of the Egyptians only encouraged incest, to keep the bloodline in power. It is just really disturbing that incest is connected to a Disney film.

  3. To quote Spongebob, “That is really disturbing!”
    I had no idea this was a thing. I agree that this is pretty disgusting, and pretty confusing, as well. Why would anyone want to ship two SISTER characters?!?!!?!!?

      1. I could understand how Elsa+Hans might not be the best shipping, but I think Elsa+Jack Frost wouldn’t be that bad.

  4. While I’m not going into the “this is wrong” aspect of this issue, nor am I trying to defend this pairing, I’d like to point out 2 things. 1) since their parents death, they didn’t grow up together. They literally had a door between them the entire time. 2) since Anna didn’t grow up with a familial bond, she wouldn’t be garaunteed the reaction that a normal sibling would when finally confronted with a loving atmosphere (this was proven in the story, being part if the major plot). Lets put this in a real world example. On more than a few occasions, mothers and sons (and less often fathers and daughters) who were separated at birth or young age, then meet later in life, have a difficult time distinguishing between familial love and romantic. This does happen most often from forced separation and tragic pasts. Because of this, “Elsanna” is not not unheard-of, though definitely not common from a statistical point of view.

  5. Just one question: if you don’t like ElsAnna, why do you tell other people that their otp is a completely wrong choice? If I don’t ship Kristanna, or Jelsa, I wouldn’t shout: “Oh, you know guys, it’s so primitive, I’m sick and tired of that Disney’s het.” Let people ship what they like, I don’t care.
    Personally I have a sister, and I don’t want her this way, she’s just my big sis, but I don’t think that incest is smth bad. Why should I? If a brother and a sister have unprotected sex, they can make a baby with some genetic deviation. This is the only one possible problem with hetero(!) incest. All other relationships between two humans are absolutelly normal, and your point of view has purely social/religious background. Don’t know why I’m explaining such obvious things, but I should have.

  6. Calm down, folks. Western law systems define incest as the act of sexual penetration between close relatives, which pretty obviously requires a boy and a girl to do. For example, the Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany has explicitly stated in 2009 that homosexual contact between relatives is not punishable under the terms of the incest paragraph (it may yet constitute sexual abuse, which is a different subject). So, if two sisters consent to make out together, they are not offending against any legal provision, and if you imagine them doing it, you are not a pervert.

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