Toy Story 4……..and Pixar Rant


I think that this is the first post that I made that was solely about Pixar on this blog. Well, I heard the news late last night about Toy Story 4, and……………….I am VERY mixed on the idea overall.

When Toy Story 3 came out, we were told that it was the end of the series, and that they wanted to go out with a bang, as he people who were little kids in 1995 and 1999 (when the first 2 films came out), they would be teens or grown adults when the last film came out, so that sense of nostalgia and leaving your childhood message would connect to the audience who grew up with this film. We all thought that this was brilliant.

I am going to stay optimistic about this film, since it is Pixar, but I just have a bad feeling about this. What would be the plot of the film? Would they continue the cycle they used of Andy on Bonnie? I just do not know. I think I would not be so agitated if it was not for another issue I was having with the studio itself.


So the photo above shows the 14 films that were released in their canon so far. Let’s start in 2010 (where many think that Pixar’s peak ended), and focus from then to now. The films released in that time are Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters University. Notice anything?……………………………………..3/4 of those films are sequels. Isn’t that a bit weird? Many thought that Cars 2 was unnecessary (probably because its predecessor was the least popular film at the time, and easily the weakest), and none of us really saw why they needed to make Monsters University (especially because in the first film, they state that they have known one another since at least Grade 5, but nonetheless). The reception of Cars 2 put everyone into a wreck, and Monsters University is seen as one of their weaker films (though it is still good).

What is in their future lineup?

Inside Out is coming on screen in June of next year. I have my own doubts about that film, but it is an original film.

The Good Dinosaur was supposed to come out in June of this year, but was pushed back to late next year. Again, and original film. Looking good, right?

We have Finding Dory, which  many of us were very curious and felt a way that Finding Nemo was getting a sequel…………..because the story was rapped nicely in the first film, but when we were told the film is about Dory, people were a lot easier on the film. It is coming out on June of 2016.

There is (or at least was) a Dias de los Muertos film in development, but there has been nothing new released about it for the past 2 years…meaning it might be cancelled.

There were rumors about a sequel to Cars and Cars 2 last year, but it was an April Fools joke made by (still not over that), but Pixar officially announced that they will make another sequel to taunt us to their merchandise franchise, which no one has high expectations for in the spring of this year. But we also got the announcement that there is FINALLY a sequel to The Incredibles in the works.

So we had 3 sequels so are in the 2010s, and looking at their future output, we will have 4 more sequels released throughout the rest of the decade. So we have 4 future sequels, and 2 (maybe 3) original films. If people were not saying it before, they will for sure be saying that Pixar is suffering from…………….


There is literally going to be a sequel to ever single film in the canon, but A Bug’s Life (poor film is just being more and more forgotten), Ratatouille, Brave, and Up. And……let’s be real…………..three out of these films (all but Brave, which I would not be shocked by if the DP film got a sequel eventually) are extremely hard to market, so there will most likely not ever be a sequel to these films.

But this is not really Pixar’s fault. The animated genre is too scared of a creative project turning into a financial failure, so these companies continue to release sequels so they can guarantee revenue for their companies. This is how film in general is like nowadays. It is a sad trend, and it really is killing creativity in these films, reusing the same thing over and over again, where originality is dying out. But this is Pixar, so they will always have effort and originality, and risks in their output………..right?

What do you think of this?



13 thoughts on “Toy Story 4……..and Pixar Rant

  1. I once read somewhere that at the very beginning, when the studio just started out, there was a brainstorming session in which ideas for different movies were thrown around. And more or less all early movies of Pixar were based on this session up to Toy Story 3 (because what they did in three movies were originally plot ideas for one movie).

    I think that Pixar really should sit down and start brainstorming again. Not thinking of box offices, not thinking about what they already did or what the audience would like, just throwing ideas around, no matter how off-the-wall they are.

    If I ever get around to write my article about the different eras in Pixar movies, I will call the first one “Sturm and Drang” and the current one most likely “Repeatism”. Because, when you are really critical, not even Brave was a truly original movie, it was part of a franchise.

    I hope that Inside Out will offer more. The concept sounds interesting.

    1. It is true. I think it was in 1994 or 1995 where they got all of those ideas for the films up to Toy Story 3. It was actually at a lunch, where they were finishing up Toy Story where they got all of these ideas. They should do a conference meeting where they just brainstorm for a bunch of movies from their lineup as well. Every studio should do this.

      I think Pixar is in between a rock and a hard place. They have to deal with WDAS as well (since the people are working on both studios), and since WDAS won’t do sequels, than there is no other choice but Pixar.

      You should write a blog about that, and I will definitely read it. I agree with you when it comes to the eras.

      1. It makes more sense to tackle the Don Bluth eras first, because that’s an animation studio which is certainly finished. I hope I have some time to do a lot of writing over Christmas.

        WDAS just did Winnie the Pooh and will do Wreck-it-Ralph 2. Now that Lassiter is in charge/has influence, it’s a different matter altogether.

      1. Yeah it’s been more B work rather than A with the exception of Toy Story 3. Everyone hates Cars 2 but I thought it was kind of fun. Not great but I enjoyed it.

        I am soooo excited about Inside Out. It looks like a real return to A form. So I’m concerned but still cautiously optimistic.

      2. Did you hear that it isn’t going to be a continuation of Toy Story 3 but a romance set within the Toy Story world? I’m intrigued.

      3. Yeah, I heard about that. It sounds a bit off-putting, but the dust will settle to us when the film is released.

      4. It will definitely be interesting to see what comes from it. Meanwhile I am so curious about Good Dinosaur. It’s this great mystery of a movie. 🙂

  2. I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ll throw my two cents on this.

    Yeah, I don’t think A Bug’s Life is going to get a sequel. Glad The Incredibles 2 is happening. I think that’s one a lot of people have been wanting to see ever since the first one came out. I didn’t mind Cars 2. Is it Pixar’s finest work? No. Is it the worst animated movie ever made? No. Does it deserve all the insane bashing it’s gotten? I don’t think so. I also thought it was kinda fun. I liked the darker twist it had (I know, I know, darker doesn’t mean better) and I liked that the bad guys didn’t mess around, even if their plan was confusing.

    Inside Out does sound interesting. The Good Dinosaur I’m cautious about. I mean, the concept of having dinosaurs survive extinction and living alongside humans today, told by Pixar (or any other animated film company), has me a bit nervous. I mean, maybe it could work as an alternate universe, serious, action adventure drama sort of thing as a live action movie, but as family friendly animated movie? Ehhh, I have my reservations. I can only hope Pixar can make it work.

    As for Toy Story 4, I personally don’t think it needs to exist. Even though I didn’t like 3 as much as the first two, it did have a nice ending to it all. But if Pixar has new ideas to continue the toys’ adventures, and does it well, then go for it.

    1. A Bug’s Life is not going to get a sequel, or any recognition at all from the studio or Pixar fans. I have never watched Cars 2 in its entirety because I was bored, and my computer shut off halfway through the film, so I really don’t have a strong opinion on Cars 2.

      I have worried about Inside Out, and I am interested in The Good Dinosaur.

      I guess we have no choice but to see what happens, especially when it comes to this film. I wonder when they will end this franchise.

  3. I welcome sequels actually, especially if they continue the story and explore the characters in an awesome way.

    Kung Fu Panda 2 and the Toy Story trilogy are prime examples of this. (But NOT Kung Fu Panda 3 – that was crap.)

    I am actually looking forward to Cars 3. Looking back on the first Cars, it does seem very generic now (though the music and the racing still holds up tremendously well).

    But I actually thought Cars 2 surpassed the original, and is one of Pixar’s Best.
    I rate Cars 2 as Pixar’s 2nd Best, actually.

    So yeah, I’m looking forward to Cars 3.

    And I was apprehensive of Toy Story 4, because I thought 3 was a perfect end to a perfect trilogy. But when I heard that it would revolve around the gang trying to find Bo Peep, I admit, I am hooked and eagerly anticipating it.

    And yes, I’m looking forward to Incredibles 2, but I hope that Pixar decides to expand horizons rather than just keeping it Parr-focused.
    I thought the original Incredibles was good but not great.
    I hope that Pixar does make the sequel shine brighter.

    The majority of your reviews are superb, mate!

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