DisneyToon Studios review: Introduction

Well, I just finished off reviewing the Walt Disney Animation Studios canon, so it only makes sense to tackle the studio that has made many of the spinoffs and sequels of the films in the WDAS canon for 2015, right?


This studio has been known to make……shitty movies after shitty movies to say the least, and it has been about a decade since I watched most of these films, so it will be interesting to see the now that I am older. When it comes to the list, I do not have a fresh memory of most of them, and I have not watched many, so this will be very interesting. Things have apparently changed since Lassetter took over, and stopped the sequels, but…….that is debatable. Here is the list of the canon:

Well, this will take a year to do, so I will post my conclusion blog at around Christmas of this year. Is Disneytoons as horrific as people say it is? Are there a lot of effort in their films? Are they improving for the better? Are they underrated? Do they show the Disney spirit that we all love? This year will be an interesting year for the Animatedkid blog. That is for sure.

Wish me luck


9 thoughts on “DisneyToon Studios review: Introduction

    1. It has been a while since we have talked. I have not watched most of these since I was in my single digits, so I am worried about how I will react when I see them now. Never watched the Goofy Movie.

      1. Yeah it has now you mention it, nice to speak to you again. 🙂 I’ve seen a few of them, but if you are going to review them I won’t tell you which ones are diabolical as the list would be too long. But, counter to the point I just made, I liked the Goofy movies, they are quite fun.

  1. It kind of depends…if they are based on the classic movies, they tend to be quite bad. But if they are based on series the Toon Studios itself worked a long time on, they tend to be decent to really good – but never above TV quality.

    1. Like how bad? Worse than the worst WDAS films?

      I can definitely tell that they put more effort into their more original projects, just from the film I am doing now.

      Just from remembering all of the films on the list that I did watch in my life (especially the earlier ones), all of them are TV quality at best.

      1. I would say, yes. Even the worst of the WDAS movies have something going for them. In some cases not much, but something. But some of the Direct to Video sequels….*shudder*…there are a few which have potencial and one movie I actually like, but that’s it.

    1. Well, I went straight from DreamWorks to WDAS with no problem, but going into the usually poor quality Disneytoons is a completely different thing. Thank you for the warning. I am sure I will feel a bit strained and worn out after watching crappy film after crappy film. Hopefully they are not so bad.

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