DisneyToons Review: Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World

Disneytoon's 7th film.
Disneytoon’s 7th film.


My opinion right after watching movie

My overall opinion right after watching the film is that I did not like it. The storylines made no sense,  I felt some anger towards it, and it is clear that there is little to no effort put into this film. It is one of the worst things I have ever seen in a long time.


The only info I found about this film is that there was supposed to be a Beauty and the Beast TV series, but when that was scrapped, they put 4 segments together to create this film.


The Perfect Word

Belle's Magical World

The first short feature starts with everyone in the castle planning for Belle (Paige O’Hara) and the Beast (Robby Benson)’s dinner together, but Belle decides to take the dictionary Webster (Jim Cummings) to the dinner. Belle is telling the Beast about the Cinderella story, and Beast is really nervous. Because of this, he asks Cogsworth (David Ogden Stiers) to open the window, which causes everyone to get cold. Belle tells him that everyone is getting cold, and he tells them that they should leave, since he does not care and because it is his castle. Belle calls him rude, and the dictionary tells him synonyms for her insults, and the Beast slams Webster and the entire table over in a tantrum. Why in the HELL are they arguing over something so small? If they argue about things like this, than they must argue over everything. And he gets really violent. I am getting more and more discouraged by their relationship.

The others tries to get them to apologize to one another, and Belle tells them that she will apologize only after he apologizes, but when Lumiere (Jerry Orbach) and Cogsworth tells the Beast that, he lashes out (which causes them to fly out of the room), yelling that he will never apologize. Webster decides to forge a letter that is Beast apologizing to Belle, which Mrs. Potts (Angela Lansbury) overhears. She gets the letter, and runs to apologize to the Beast, which makes things settled between the two.

So everything is revealed when Belle and the Beast are hanging out, and Cogsworth mentions the letter he sent. Beast says that he never sent a letter, which astounds Belle, and it is found out that Webster forged a letter, which causes the Beast to throw him out of the castle, and to demand everyone to never speak to them. Belle goes after them, and the Beast eventually apologizes for his behavior, and Belle apologizes for not apologizing earlier.

Fifi’s Folly

Belle's Magical World

I really, really dislike this short. So Fifi (Kimmy Robertson) tells Belle castle that it is her and Lumiere’s 5th anniversary of their first date tomorrow. Lumiere is told about this by Belle, and is nervous, since he did not remember, and now has to plan a big event in one day. He is so nervous that he starts a fire in the library, only for Belle to enter the library, and dim the fire.

Lumiere is saddened that he cannot be able to express his feelings to Babette, since she is nervous. Babette walks past the room that they are in, and takes their conversation the wrong way, causing her to think…… that…… Belle… and… Lumiere… is… having… an… affair. Wait, WHAT? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS? HOW in the HELL can a CANDLE have a relationship with a human? This is LITERALLY the DUMBEST idea that I have ever seen in a film in….. forever? She continues to spy on them, and takes all of their conversations the wrong way, thinking that the date they are planning for is for him and Belle.

After flirting with Cogsworth fails the next day, Babette grabs her stuff to leave the castle, only for Belle to stop her. Babette calls her all types of names as she leaves, only for Lumiere to block her, to take Babette on her date. They have a good time, but they end up in danger, and is saved by the entire castle. What makes this even worse is that Babette DOES NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE to Belle for her actions. Ugh.

Mrs. Potts’ Party

Belle's Magical World

Because of the bad weather, Mrs. Potts is not feeling well (it runs in her family that the weather affects her behavior), but she continues on with her work, and when she pours a glass in Belle’s cup, she forgets the tea in her. She decides to get some rest, which inspires Belle and the others to throw a party for her, since she is always there to support them, and is the heart of the castle.

So as they start with the planning, Mrs. Potts gets up, and when she sees them with flowers, they have to lie to her, and say that they are for the Beast (who has been sleeping because he has been up from fixing a leak in the roof), so they put all of the flowers in his room. Cogsworth and Lumiere’s rivalry gets in the way, and causes all of them to start fighting about what the party should be like, and what food they should bring.

The two end up sabotaging one another, and when Mrs. Potts finds out about the party, she says that it only made her feel worse, since it started all of the fighting in the castle, which Belle agrees with. They all realize that they should work together and learn the lesson of cooperation to make this party happen, and to help Mrs. Potts feel better. All goes well and successful, as well as the weather growing more sunny and light.

The Broken Wing

Belle's Magical World

So Belle and Beast are going to share lunch together, but when a bird crashes into the castle, it sprains a wing, and Belle knows that she has to help repair its wing. The bird is put in Armoire the Wardrobe (Jo Anne Worley) right as Bast enters, and demands that Belle will join lunch for him, which he refuses. He then politely asks her, and only then Belle accepts. She misses the lunch date to fix the wing, which pisses off the Beast (he was waiting for a while for her to show up).

Beast finds out about the bird, and demands that it leaves the castle, since it does not make him Belle’s priority. WHY are they arguing about something SO DAMN SMALL AND STUPID? The bird runs away from the Beast and down the stairs, and of course Beast follows it and falls down the stairs. He hears the noise of the bird, and all of a sudden wants to keep it all for himself, since he likes the sound of the chirping bird.

The bird is now licked up in the cage in Beast’s room, and the beast is demanding and yelling that it sings to him. Belle enters to see this, and they get into another huge argument about it, with the Beast being appalled that she is speaking to him like that. Beast overhears her voice in his head, which causes him to release the bird, and somehow, him and Cogsworth fall off the cliff, only for them to eventually save themselves.

This is supposed to take place after Enchanted Christmas, and one of the biggest issues I have with all three of these films is that MOST OF THE EVENTS TAKES PLACE WHEN MAURICE IS IN THE FOREST. The stories in this film were grating, stupid, or both all at the same time. Flanderization with the characters, Belle and Beast's relationship looking more abusive and damaging than it is supposed to be, and there is clearly no effort in this film. Off with this franchise.
This is supposed to take place after Enchanted Christmas, and one of the biggest issues I have with all three of these films is that MOST OF THE EVENTS TAKES PLACE WHEN MAURICE IS IN THE FOREST. The stories in this film were grating, stupid, or both all at the same time. Flanderization with the characters, Belle and Beast’s relationship looking more abusive and damaging than it is supposed to be, and there is clearly no effort in this film. Off with this franchise.


Since this is a package film, I will not go in depth about separate characters under the pictures in this section of the review. Belle seems a bit more like herself in this film, but she has a “holier than thou” and “perfect” attitude that is annoying. Beast is a bigger baby and an out of control freak, and it is for stupid, small things in this film unlike the first film. The others are the same I guess, and the new characters are not impressive.


The animation is atrocious. There are a lot of derp faces, the quality is cheaper than the normal Disneytoons film, and the movements of the foreground and the backgrounds are really off and unsettling. The character designs are not appealing, and the coloring is not strong either. Not impressed at all.


There were not any songs in the film (or at least from what I remember), and the score is not memorable. You will not be able to remember anything about the music in this film.

Reception at Release

When the film was released on February 17th, 1998, the film received negative reviews, with some critics legitimately calling it a piece of trash and disheartening. Many felt like Disney slapped something together, since the TV series they did not go well.

Reception Today

So today, it is known as the worst Beauty and the Beast film, and one of the worst films in the Disneytoon canon.

Final Score

Story: 4/10

Characters: 5.5/10

Animation: 4/10

Music: 6/10

19.5/40 = 49%

Next time…

Review: February 23rd, 2015
Review: February 23rd, 2015

15 thoughts on “DisneyToons Review: Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World

  1. Ugh. Pocahontas II makes about as little sense as Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World and I’m debating whether or not this film is as bad as another “package” Cinderella II: Dreams Come True.

    I guess if I were to choose the “least bad” segment, probably “Mrs. Potts’ Party.” As generic as it is, at least more things made sense about it. There’s still so much more torture ahead, though.

    1. I watched Cinderella II: Dreams Come True a few years ago, and that film was atrocious as well. I do not even know which one is worse. Honestly, all of them are pretty much equally stupid, illogical, and painful to watch.

  2. Seeing you go through this hurts me. I literally feel your pain.
    And next stop is that atrocious Pocahontas movie that is worse than the original and completely destroys every relationship for the sake of a teeny bit more historical accuracy.
    Ugh, there’s like 100 more of these, and watching these animation hurt my eyes when I saw them. Until Tinker Bell, nothing here is good.

    1. It is definitely getting tiring reviewing these films. I am not going to lie. Pocahontas 2 is definitely one that I am aware will anger a lot of people, but I am a bit worried for when my review is published for it. I looked at the list, and it is so depressing.

  3. It’s not too late to back out. We’d all understand. This is total garbage. Just wait till you get to Hunchback 2. Holy cow.

    This is so lazy and stupid it is an embarrassment

    1. I know it is not too late, but I want to finish it. I only just finished Lion King 2 last night, so the speed that I am writing these reviews are not good wither.

      No wonder why Beauty and the Beast fans get so upset after watching these sequels.

    1. It is kind of like derailment, but flanderization is more so about exaggerating a trait of a character, while ignoring everything else that made people like the character.

      1. Huh. I dont think Simpsons has done that with Flanders. In fact I think he started one note and judgemental, driving Homer nuts but now he is more well rounded. Especially love When Flanders Failed

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