50 Shades of Disney: My opinion

This picture signifies the theme of what I will be speaking about.
This picture signifies the theme of what I will be speaking about.

HEAVY DISCLAIMER: This article will contain some expletive, sexual, and mature content, and is not something for children to discuss (though I do not control who sees my content, and my extensive cursing over the past 2 years clearly show that this blog has never been for little children). If you do not like discussing anything squeamish or sexual, than please clock off this blog post.

So I was surfing on YouTube and stuff, and a video accidentally popped up, showing these extremely revealing pictures of 9 Disney Princess couples (all but Snow and Prince, and Rapunzel and Flynn), containing quotes from the 50 Shades of Grey book to give more insight on each sexual picture. This all started when a DeviantArt user posted this on their account, and somehow ended up in contact with Cosmopolitian to post the pictures on their next magazine.

Well they ended up on the internet and stuff, and this blog post of theirs contains everything. I will not post the pictures here, and yall can look for yourselves. The controversy of it pissed off many people (young and old), since it contains characters from “children’s films” (though they are really family films), and I do understand their point. By a click, stuff like this is exposed for anyone to see, even if you were not looking for it.

While I do get their side, I get the other side that this stuff is out there, and there is a lot worse and more revealing pictures containing these characters in a sexual manner than this. You can say that it is art, and people who do this type of art is expressing themselves; just like everyone else does. The bigger issue that people have with stuff like this is the constant sexualization of every single thing in our world, which IS disturbing to see all of the time.

At the same time, as parents, you should be moderating what your children should and should not be seeing, and there are ways to prevent little children to see this, so to some, this argument is weakened. It is disturbing to see these women in these subservient, submissive, and weakening positions in these pictures, while the men are aggressive, domineering, and controlling…………… which are still often complaints about Disney as well.

So overall, I am kind of mixed on the entire ordeal. I know this happened a few weeks ago, but it was something I saw today, and just wanted to share my opinion on the thought. I guess that it does tie into the common complaints that Disney in general receives, especially with their Disney Princesses being overly sexualized, weak, so on and so on. We do have a choice to click on certain things and all, but….. overall, I see both sides, and I do agree that we need to stop sexualizing every single thing in our world. Ever since that movie came out, controversy after controversy has came out, and now it is affecting stuff that involves Disney? At least it gave me an opinion piece to blog about. Comment on how you feel about the article, the sexualization of Disney, and gender roles overall.



4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Disney: My opinion

  1. It’s nothing new, though this kind of stuff is usually more low key. I think it is irresponsible to just post this stuff freely. Post it on adult only sites which block the usual search machines. It is bad enough that porn and violence is accessible way too easy through the internet for children. There is no need to accidentally disturb them just because they googled “Aurora”.

    1. It is definitely a bit weird how Cosmo would post something like this on their magazine (which are seen in many stores kids go to). It is getting harder and harder to hide certain things (especially unnecessary things) to children nowadays.

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