DisneyToons Review: Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas

Disneytoons 10th film.
Disneytoons 10th film.



My opinion right after watching movie

My opinion on the film is that it is UTTERLY BORING. For a film that it is a bit less than an hour, it felt like 4 hours. It was hard to watch this film, because it was the typical, boring Christmas crap that was only made to get some revenue in the later months of the year.


There is no information about the production of this film.


Donald Duck Stuck On Christmas

Donald Duck Stuck On Christmas

So the first short is spent with the Ducks, consisting of Hewey, Duey, and Louie (Russi Taylor) waking up on Christmas morning to open their presents, and when Donald (Tony Anselmo) sees them open up their presents, he loses it for a moment, since the family are supposed to open up the gifts together. He reveals that he also got them sleighs. The family comes over, but the boys instantly go out for a sleigh. Daisy (Tress MacNellie) cooks them food, and they all eat. As the trio end up going to sleep, they wish that it was Christmas every single day. Their wish comes true, and the day after, it is Christmas, and the same stuff keeps on happening, as Christmas is revealed. While getting new presents is nice, they are getting sick and tired of the repetitiveness of Christmas being every day. To avoid the boredom, they try to switch it up by doing a lot of pranks, and stuff, but things are still boring. They finally read the card that Donald gave them, and realized that Christmas is not about the gifts, but spending time with your loved ones. This short was……. alright, but overly predictable, and boring. I think they could have done the message a bit better than reading a letter though.

A Very Goofy Christmas

A Very Goofy Christmas

The second short of the film consists of Goofy (Bill Farmer) and his son Max (Shawn Fleming) preparing to send a letter to Santa Claus, but the mailing truck drives off, so the two ride to the mall to try to reach it, but obviously fail. Their neighbor Pete (Jim Cummings) tells Max that Santa Claus is not real, which causes Max to wonder about it. I totally did the same thing to my little cousins last year, and my mother got so mad at me; it was hilarious. Max arrives home, and Goofy wonders why he is so gloomy, only for Max to tell him that Santa Claus does not exist. Goofy decides to disguise himself as Santa Claus that evening, so his son can believe, but Max soon realizes that it is his father, which only annoys him more. Now that the both of them are saddened, Max decides to do what his father did to cheer him up, to disguise as Santa Claus. What an idiotic idea on both of their parts. The real Santa ends up showing up anyways, so forget all of what happened in the film. I am not impressed with this one, and I feel like it is idiotic too.

Mickey and Minnie’s The Gift of the Magi

The last short of the film consists of Mickey (Wayne Allwine) and Minnie (Russi Taylor) wanting to get one another a Christmas present, but they do not have enough money, so the both of them work really hard, so Mickey can buy her a necklace to match her watch, and so Minnie can buy something with her special bonus from work. Mickey ruins a Christmas tree deal for Pete (Jim Cummings), so Mickey is fired. The bonus that Minnie earned ends up being a fruitcake, instead of money. They both end up getting gifts for one another (Mickey giving her a chain for her necklace, and her giving him a case for his harmonica), but he sold his harmonica to get her gift, and vice versa for Minnie. The lesson is the effort that is put in the gift, and I have to say that this is the best short in the film.

This is probably the review that I put the least effort in, but if you watched the film, you would understand. BLECH, BLECH, BLECH.
This is probably the review that I put the least effort in, but if you watched the film, you would understand. BLECH, BLECH, BLECH.


The characters in the film did not really learn much, or develop at all. They were just the same old same old, so that part was kind of boring, and they were just……. the same. Nothing special at all.


The animation is pretty decent….. for TV animation. It is absolutely nothing special at all.


The music is the typical Christmas music. It as nothing memorable to me at all, but it was not horrid. *shrug* Decent to listen to, so…. yeah.

Reception at Release

From the research that I seek after, I do not know what happened when this film was released in December 7th, 1999, critically, accolade-wise, or financially.

Reception Today

From what I have heard, no one really remembers this film, so I cannot talk about its reception today.

Final Score

Story: 5/10

Characters: 6/10

Animation: 6.5/10

Music: 7/10

24.5/40 = 61%

Next time…

Review: March 16th, 2015
Review: March 16th, 2015

6 thoughts on “DisneyToons Review: Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas

  1. I didn’t even know that one existed…but really, the gift of the Magi? It is a great story, but it has been done so many times already. I don’t think that we need another version. It worked fine with Ernie and Bert, but that was 30 years ago and they gave up things which were pre-established as being especially important to them.

  2. I do not really know why you disliked these shorts so much, I have always thought them as nice Christmas shorts.

    1. I don’t know for sure to be honest. I have never been a fan of package films, so whenever I see one, a dread just comes over me every time.

  3. It’s okay. Maybe Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas was marginally better (it’s not quite the same amount of predicability).

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