Animatedkid`s Second Anniversary

Thanks for remembering WordPress.
Thanksfor remembering WordPress.

Apparently today is the blog`s 2 year anniversary, and I only remembered it a few hours ago. Well, it is an accomplishment to have run this platform for 2 years, where I have met a lot of insightful, intelligent, and open-minded people, and got to watch a bunch of movies.

So not much has changed on the blog since last July, other than finishing the WDAS reviews, and reviewing DisneyToons now (which is becoming more and more and more of a pain). I am slowly working on watching and reviewing all of the 2015 animated films as well.

I am sure you all have noticed that I have not been as active as I once was, and that is for a few reasons. One was that there was a lot of internet issues that I was going through at various points throughout the year. Another huge reason is that I have gotten new job, which takes up A LOT more time than I want to, and only gives me a few hours of relaxation for myself fora day at a time. The third reason is that DisneyToons has been extremely draining on my spirit,so it is taking a lot longer to finish the canon. I WILL finish it, but it might take a lot longer than anticipated.Real life is getting a lot busier for me, and it is an adjustment trying to fit in all of the stuff that I was able to do in the past few years into my life, now that I am working.

So what are my plans for the next year? I am going to finish off the DisneyToon canon, continue reviewing the 2015 animated films, and I am thinking that when 2016 starts, I will most likely start reviewing Pixar movies to turn from this year of wholly negative reviews into wholly positive reviews. I think I should do more opinion based blogs and try to do some collaborations with others. I don’t know.

Thank you all for the continued support. It is one of the only reasons why I made it this far, and want to run this blog for a lot longer. Have a blessed day.


8 thoughts on “Animatedkid`s Second Anniversary

  1. Congrats! Why not mix the Pixar reviews into your Toons to give you a break from the misery? (Honestly none of us would blame you for not finishing although the more recent films are much better if not perfect. Maybe skip forward and do a few of those and then go back to the sequels?).
    I’d always be up for a collab. I’ve done a lot of those on my youtube channel but never one on my blog for some reason.
    Congrats on the new job! That’s very exciting.

    1. I probably should do a mix of those two, but my mentality is in the “get it over with ASAP” thought with DisneyToons, since I am halfway there. It is just me needing to stick to a project, and continuing it as planned. You and I doing a collab would be very interesting in the future. I am sure my spirits will be up after I watch and review Inside out. You have made the past year very interesting for me with your opinions being inputted into the comments. I am glad to have met you.

      1. Thanks. That means a lot. I feel the same about you. Sincerely keeping up 2 blogs is hard but the little animation community I’ve been welcomed into has made it worth it

      2. Do you have to do the Toons in order? Could you mix it up and do some of the Tinkerbell movies to give you a break? They are really good.

  2. good luck lol. reading your recent reviews already shows how drained you are. maybe try mixing DisneyToon with something like Pixar or Ghibli?

    1. Ghibli is definitely an option. It is sad that I am putting out these reviews, but there is nothing more to really say. I am already halfway over, so I just want to get it over with ASAP. Thanks for your continued support.

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