Disneytoons review: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

DisneyToon's 27th film.
DisneyToon’s 27th film.


My opinion right after watching the film

My opinion right after watching the film is that it is a forgettable, but tame package film. It did not frustrate me in any way, neither did it really entertain me. It was a decent watch, but nothing more or less to really comment on.


There is no information on the production of this film.


“Belles on Ice”

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

The first short consists of Minnie Mouse (Russi Taylor) and Daisy Duck (Tress MacNellie) competing against one another in an ice skating show Minnie goes first, and the audience eats it up, which makes Daisy increasingly jealous. To steal the show, she decides to cut off Minnie and to outshine her. Minnie gets frustrated, and their egos are insulted when one tries to outdo the other. It gets to a point where the two are literally fighting on the rink. Neither one gives up, and after performing many stunts, tricks and performances, Minnie almost injures herself by accidentally skating on a bell. Daisy is worried, the two make up, and end the performance together. Decent enough, showing a different side to the girls, though it was very simple, and predictable.

“Christmas: Impossible”


Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

The second short consists of Hewey, Duey, and Lewey (Russi Taylor) continually acting selfish and being inconsiderate a few days before Christmas. After Uncle Scrooge (Alan Young)`s cookies were eaten by them without any regard, he tells them that he does not want them to make the mistakes  he made, because it will never get them on the good list of Santa. The trio decide to go to the North Pole to make sure they are on the good list. Trying to find a list, they cause a lot of chaos in the North Pole, which forces them to help and clean up. When they finally get the chance to get the key to get to the North Pole, they feel bad, so they fix everything and instead add Uncle Scrooge`s name to the list. This causes them to be added to the good list as well, receiving their presents from Santa. The short has the charm of the trio, and was a nice lesson that was taught to fix your mistakes and to be selfless.

“Christmas Maximus”

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

Goofy (Bill Farmer)`s son Max (Jason Marsden) is coming home for the holidays from college, and is bringing his girlfriend Mona to meet him. Max wants his father to tone down his personality, so he won`t embarrass Mona, who is looking forward to meet Goofy. Goofy ends up accidentally blowing their suitcases, shows her his baby picture, interrupts their kiss by wiping Max`s mouth with a napkin, which embarrasses Max. He leaves the house for a bit, and after noting the sentimental scarf his father made him, he joins his father and girlfriend in making popcorn. She ends up being as goofy as they are, and even sharing the same teeth as them. This is probably the most fun short out of the bunch.

“Donald’s Gift”

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

Donald (Tony Anselmo) had a miserable shopping day, which turns even worse when he misses the bus, and everyone is singing `We Wish You a Merry Christmas` everywhere he goes. He even hears it on the radio when he is home. That shit is pretty annoying, I am not going to lie. Daisy, Hewey, Dewey, and Lewey obnoxiously barge into the house, and then demand to go out as soon as he gets comfortable in the house. He refuses, and ends up into an argument with Daisy, which he loses, since he ends up going anyways. After hearing the song again in a store, he ends up breaking and vandalizing everything in it, and when it was revealed, everyone is embarrassed. His nephews do not want to claim him, and Daisy tells him that this is a new low for him. Donald has an epiphany, and wrongs his rights, gaining a bunch of Christmas spirit, and sings the song. This is easily the most emotional short out of the entire film.

“Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas”

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

The final, and easily the longest short consists of Mickey (Wayne Allwine) arriving home to tell Pluto (Bill Farmer) about the decorations he bought, so they can prepare for the Christmas bash. He tells Pluto to wait to put up the star, but he does not listen, and almost causes Mickey to fall off the ladder. Minnie calls, and hopes Mickey is not overdoing it, but while he is on the phone, Pluto disobeys Mickey and tries to put the star on, ruining all of the decorations, and blowing almost all the electricity with it.Mickey tells him to go to the dog house and to stay out, while he goes shopping. Pluto runs away and leaves his dog tag behind, feeling bad about what happened. Mickey returns home, and tries to make things better with Pluto, only to come to the realization that he ran away. Posting a bunch of posters about his missing dog, he finally finds Pluto at the North Pole. Don`t bother asking. Pluto feels homesick, helps out after a while, and with the help of the reindeers, he returns home. When the return, the entire crew tell them that they were looking all over to help find Pluto, and they all end up going to the house to celebrate a simple Christmas at Mickey`s.

I was expecting this to be a lot worse and a lot tedious than it really was. It was nice to see everyone with tier own families, and to see how they separately celebrated Christmas, only to come together at the end. Everyone got their focus, and it was a sweet film to watch. It is not a big film, but sometimes, that is a good thing.
I was expecting this to be a lot worse and a lot tedious than it really was. It was nice to see everyone with tier own families, and to see how they separately celebrated Christmas, only to come together at the end. Everyone got their focus, and it was a sweet film to watch. It is not a big film, but sometimes, that is a good thing.


I was shocked with the amount of dimensions and emotions the characters experienced. Mickey is seen as an overachiever, and someone who has somewhat of a temper, Donald is the typical Donald, but has a lot of remorse, Minnie and Daisy being seen as a bit catty and egotistic, but have hearts of gold, Goofy remained Goofy, and everyone offered something to the film. Max`s girlfriend is the only real exception, since all she did was giggle. The characters are a lot better in this film.


Regarding the animation, it is obvious that it is cheap, but despite that, it was not bad to look at. The CGI was not as dated and blocky as I thought it would, though it seemed like there was a glossy look over it. I was expecting a lot worse.


The music is the typical Christmas music. It is fine. There is literally nothing else to say about it.

Reception at Release

The film was released on November 9th, 2004. There is no other information regarding the reception at release.

Reception Today

The reception that the film has is that it  is one of the more forgettable films in the canon. I did not even know it existed until I looked at the DisneyToons list to see which film is next.

Final Score

Story: 7.5/10

Characters: 8/10

Animation 6.5/10

Music: 7/10

29/40 = 73%

Next time

Review: January 31st, 2016.
Review: January 31st, 2016.

8 thoughts on “Disneytoons review: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

  1. This Mickey Mouse film, like “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”, is one that my family watches every Christmas (“Belles on Ice” was my favorite short, because it was so extravagant, and I’ll always remember the time Minnie and Daisy’s petty sides come out).

    “We want to be rich and selfish too!” Well they’re already one of those things, so they have a nice head start.

    “Get out and stay out!”
    “Wait… did I mention the part where you ruined Christmas?”
    “Then stay out!”

    “Twice Upon A Christmas” was a step-up from the predecessor (though “Once Upon A Christmas” taught me that Donald Duck and his family were cannibals).

    1. I definitely enjoyed this one more than the other one. They are nice films to watch during the holidays; just to grt the mood up. Nice to know that your family has fond memories of this film.

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