Deleted Songs Analysis: In The Middle of the River

The song is one of the many deleted songs from the film Pocahontas. It is another love song between the two main characters, where their people are about to go to war, and how they need to meet in the middle of the river. Get the pun? So, what is my overall opinion of the song? It did not fit, and I do not like the song much, if at all.

Well, what I do like is that the song is based off a quote that Pocahontas’ mother told her whens eh was younger. Since there is a war coming up, they are singing about where they will meet up, which ends up being in the middle of a river because it will be the only place where they will be peace. They sing to one another “In your eyes is a promise I believe in; In your smile is the path to my heart; In this life we will be together even; If we live in the middle of the river.” I am a bit confused, this really is not about peace at all, but is about them being selfish and intoxicated in their relationship. The song does not really elaborate on what they are feeling for one another other than promise. What is the promise? The song goes on about seeing the love in their eyes, and how it will carry them.

Alright, this song has a bit in common with In A Place of Miracles for a few reasons. One is that the romantic songs are taking place in a dark setting, or when one is approaching, and how the two love interests are singing about how they are from different worlds. Since this song never got to animation, it was probably cut in the middle of production, and I do not know if this song was in the film the same time If I Never Knew You was in, and if that is the case, than this song is redundant. I guess this was supposed to be right before Kocoum is murdered.

I think why the song was deleted is because it just does not fit in with the events of the film. Kocoum is about to be killed, and they are singing for 4 minutes. It dos not really add anything to their relationship, and it just seems a bit too peppy. I was not liking the score, and the lyrics did not really evoke any strong feelings to me, outside of not really liking it. I know this is kind of short, but there really is not much to say about this song other than that. I’m glad they got rid of this song.

So, if you want to recommend a song for me, comment down below, or I will find something to review. Thank you for reading, and another one will be posted next week.


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