Deleted Songs Analysis: The Magic Key

The song that I am covering today is called The Magic Key, which is a deleted song from The Sword in the Stone. Apparently this song was replaced by Higitus Figitus, and………….. I honestly do not care for either song, or much of anything in the film. Fine, I will do better than that. I guess if I had to say one thing worthy about this song is that it is not as gimmicky and as foolish as Higitus Figitus. Since both songs are pretty short, I am going to do a bit of a comparison. Higitus Figitus is kind of like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, which is a song that is must there to take time, and to be catchy using jibbberish words. Unlike that song, The Magic Key has some importance, and has a lesson behind it.

So the lesson of the song involves how knowledge and education will give you the magic key, which is a lesson that everyone needs to know. Arthur is of course confused about what that means,  which Merlin explains that knowledge gives you more opportunities to do what you want to do and to be successful. This song is not one of the most standout songs, but I do think it is more important.

The lyrics are a bit basic and right to the point. An example of this is in this verse, “With a noggin full of knowledge, you’re bound to find;
The thrill of the ability to use your mind. Mathematics and philosophy and history; Are very necessary for the magic key.” Right to the point, concise, and blunt with what it wants to say. We learn that Arthur cannot read, which was a nice touch. There really is not much else to say about this.

Regarding the reason why it was deleted, I think they most likely wanted a more easygoing and catchy song to make the scene and the movie a bit more enjoyable.  Higitus Figitus would have done the job a bit better I guess. Honestly, a lot of the songs in this movie are kind of silly, catchier, and a lot more lighthearted, so The Magic Key might have stuck out like a sore thumb.

You all know the pattern by now. Thank you for reading this post.


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