Deleted Songs Analysis: Dancing on a Cloud

The song I am covering today is titled Dancing on a Cloud, which is a deleted song from Cinderella. The scene that is taking place in the song is during Cinderella and Prince Charming’s dance, so this means that it was replaced by So This Is Love. Might as well start odd by pointing out the differences between the two songs. Well, the main difference between the two songs is that this song is a lot longer, which means there are more lyrics, and more things for the couple to think/say to one another. I believe the theme of them getting so lost, so they will “dance in a cloud” was eventually added into Sleeping Beauty.

Now going on to look at some of the lyrics, there is some type of repetition. Cinderella sings, “Dancing on a cloud, I’m dancing on a cloud, When I’m in your arms the world is a heavenly place.” Prince Charming then sings, “Dancing in a dream, I’m dancing in a dream. For how can I help but dream when I see your face, Before me.” They are not really singing about how the other makes them feel, and what they like about one another, but again, it is focusing on the magical and fairytale aspect, like dancing on a cloud. They keep reiterating that they are in a dream, and feel like they are on the cloud. After mentioning moons and stuff, now you hear them say that now that they have found one another, and are bewildered that this is true. Cinderella mentions something about being in his arms. So those are pretty much the jist of the lyrics.

As to why the song was deleted from the movie…… They have not mentioned it, but a theory of mine is that a huge part of the reason why the song was cut involves Prince Charming. We know that they were having trouble animating human men, and that they cut a lot of the other scenes involving the prince to avoid animating realistic looking men. This song is longer than So This Is Love by about 3 minutes, so cutting it would save a lot of time trying to animate the prince. So This Is Love is shorter, and more to the point. I would have liked if they kept the song in the film, since it is very nice, and I like it better than So This Is Love, but I understand why it is cut. It could have very well fit in the movie.

Thank you all for reading this blog post. Recommend another song, or I will just choose another one. It is fine either way.


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