Deleted Songs Analysis: Life’s Too Short


I am sure everyone has heard of this song, since everyone knows everything regarding Frozen nowadays. The song is of course a deleted song from Frozen, as it was replaced by For the First Time in Forever Reprise. As to why they potentially removed this song, I honestly do not know. Maybe they wanted stronger continuity, which is why it was replaced by a reprise, or they felt like this song was a bit too mean-spirited. I honestly have no idea, but I have to say that I prefer this version a lot more. After doing some brief research, they changed it for plot reasons, since this was in when production was going with a troll’s prophecy plot.

I like this song a lot more because it is more realistic. I interact with my siblings like this, and when we are good and when we fight, it is very reminiscent of this, and it is very natural. Anna starts with “We’ve been falling out for way too long, so let’s forget who’s right,” Elsa singing “And forget who’s wrong.” Both sing “Okay!” with Elsa singing, “Why don’t you stay, there’s room for family in my court,” and both concluding, “Cause life’s too short!” I know when I am trying to apologize to a family member, it goes like this.

When Elsa and Anna transition into arguing, it is something so simple. “What? I don’t believe you!” “I just assumed that you’d have to…” “That I’d shove on the gloves, that’s how your story ends!” “It does! It’s just like it was, except for we’ll be best friends” “So that’s been your plan ? To force me back in a cage!” A simple misunderstanding of wording from Anna instantly causes Elsa to be defensive, and they both return to their old forms. Insult after insult is thrown, and by the end of the song, neither wants anything to do with the other, and Elsa accidentally strikes Anna.

The score makes the song even more emotional that it already was, and I…… it is such a strong song, and it makes the film a lot more realistic, which I did complain about in the film. Just comparing it to For the First Time in Forever, this song seems more exciting, and leaves a bit of a bigger impact. Anna does have some resentment, and Elsa does have some issue with her sister as well. I understand why they cut it, but I was never really a fan of the reprise either, so a part of me wished that it was in the film. Either way, both songs do their job decently, but only one song can be in the film.

Well, another song is reviewed, and I should have the next post by Wednesday. Recommend a song if you want to, and I will see you all on Sunday.


10 thoughts on “Deleted Songs Analysis: Life’s Too Short

  1. This along with You are You ( think that was the title) are both songs which I think would have made for a way better narrative than what actually ended up in the movie.

    1. I haven’t heard of You are You, so maybe I should look it up. I agree about this song though. The reprise is just way too cookie-cutter, and makes them both look even more ridiculous.

      1. Not sure about the title of the song, but it’s the one which was original supposed to be on the place of the first “love is an open door”.

  2. It’s been almost a year and a half since I first watched Frozen. I really need to watch this film again and give it another chance. Even though I did like it, I also found it a little underwhelming and a bit overrated. One of the reasons why I felt this way is because I felt Anna and Elsa barely had any connection as sisters. We do see them interact at the start of the film, but we never really see that closeness again. Then again, like I said before it’s been almost a year and a half since I first watched this film, so my opinion on their relationship could change when I watch it again.

    As for this song, I agree that it is a really good song, and it probably would have made Anna and Elsa’s relationship a lot stronger.

    1. Its been a year and a half for me too (I watched it for the review in September 2014). Elsa and Anna’s relationship was definitely one of the weaker spots in the movie, and I generally agree with you regarding the movie.

  3. I like “Life’s Too Short,” but I think it makes the girls a little too unlikable. Yeah, they act more like normal, everyday sisters, but when the kingdom is covered with eternal ice and snow I don’t think there’s time for them to think solely about their own issues (especially since they’re the rulers).

    Assuming the narrative would be the similar (minus the prophecy), it doesn’t make sense for Elsa to be so unwilling to help her kingdom since she left to protect them in the first place. Like, if she doesn’t care about the kingdom, why would she bother to leave in the first place? Also, it sounds like Anna went through with marrying Hans (“You’re a fool who married a stranger.”).

    I kind of like the reprise of this version more. I think it adds a little more to the sisters as they more or less realize their mistakes (even though they do show a little regret in the film).

    1. Well, she left in the first place, and she had to have known that the blizzard was affecting everywhere near her, since it followed her from the kingdom. Anna does not even mention it until later in the song, and then Elsa goes back into her cowering.
      You don’t stay somewhere if you had no care for it, so she left, and was overwhelmed. It makes sense to me. I just see the reprise as nothing more of a rehash of all their previous dialogue, but to each their own.

      1. I get what you’re saying and I agree on the reason why Elsa probably would leave in the first place. Though, there were a few times when Anna was about to tell Elsa what she had done, but was interrupted (first by Olaf before the reprise, and then by Elsa).

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