Deleted Songs Analysis: Snuff Out the Light

I know that I have not posted a deleted songs post in 2-3 weeks, and honestly, I have absolutely no excuse for it. It just did not come up in my head, I was too tired to do it, and the time just passed by. This week, I am going to look at the song called Snuff Out the Light, which is a deleted song from The Emperor’s New Groove.

This film was in the earlier script of Kingdom of the Sun, but was completely tossed away, as well as most of the songs in the film due to the changes in the story. It just did not fit in with the current theme of the story, since it was no longer a musical. I wish that this song was someway and somehow included in the film, especially since Yzma’s age is always picked on, and this song explains the internal struggle that she goes through.

Now to look at the lyrics, the song starts with “When a woman acquires a certain age, and the men who adored you no longer swoon. It pays to avoid the sunlit days, and live by the light of the kindly moon.” It is clear that the moon is somehow associated to bitterness, shame, and a depressive representation, and how society generally views women, especially older women. It is so realistic because how many times have we heard that young and older men only want younger women? Yzma then sings about her father, “When I was a girl at my daddy’s side, Papa, the royal mortician.Revealed to me in secret signs, the mark of the magician.” She then goes on to sing about how much she studied well to learn the trade, and using every ray of sunshine that “robbed her of her youth”.

Later on the song, it seems like Yzma gets more ruthless to get what she wants, “I could squeeze myself with glee, the promises you made to me. I’ve really stopped at nothing; Murder, treachery and lying. Whatever it takes to keep my looks you really can’t blame a girl for trying.” The lyrics are kind of self-explanatory, and it is all about a bitter, aging woman who sees happiness with vain things such as beauty, and wanting revenge.

The main thing I like about the song is that it actually has Incan roots in the score, which is not found in ANY of the songs in the final version of the film. I always like it when songs reflect on the setting/culture the films take place in, and this opportunity was missed in this movie. I feel like in Emperor’s, we see Kronk, and Kuzco ripping on her looks and age in the entire film, but we never got the other side of it; hers. This song is the other side of that scenario, but it was deleted, so now it is just them ripping on an older woman, which society does enough.

I see why this is deleted, and I get it. It is just a shame that such a brilliant song was removed, just so the movie could be as mediocre as it is. Hopefully I can get a song done in schedule, but you all know the pattern by now. Thank you all.


6 thoughts on “Deleted Songs Analysis: Snuff Out the Light

  1. I do enjoy this song, but as you pointed out, it would not have worked in the final movie. This song makes me wonder even more what Kingdom of the Sun would have been like, typical “Prince and the Pauper” story aside. If I could go to an alternate universe where Kingdom of the Sun was made, released, and been a big hit, I would would go there to see it. But alas, it was not meant to be. More of the debacle was mainly in the first half-hour of the documentary “The Sweatbox”, which I STILL can’t find (grrrr). I should have downloaded it when I had the chance. If I do come across it again (which might never happen), then I will. Such a rare thing to find nowadays.

    I think I may have found a song that you’ll dislike EVEN MORE than Keep ‘Em Guessing. It’s sung by Mufasa in the Lion King. Yes, you read that correctly. And not only is it sung in a James Earl Jones voice (maybe by Jones himself. I don’t know for sure), but it’s sung in a cheerful, upbeat tune that does not match the serious, mature, fatherly figure that Mufasa is. I find it hilariously bad. Keep ‘Em Guessing may have had an offputting jazz theme, but I found the song to fit Mushu’s character (at least a little). Here, the beat matches better, but the song itself DOES NOT fit Mufasa’s character. Have a listen. I’d be SHOCKED if you didn’t find this worse than Keep ‘Em Guessing.

    Perhaps you’d find this deleted song a little better (Maybe?). It’s a reprise of Be Prepared. At first, it was introduced after a very creepy deleted scene where Scar wants Nala as his mate. Seriously, it’s creepy and uncomfortable to watch. So that whole scene and song got scrapped. Then they thought about putting the song in just after Scar takes over as king, but then felt that having a song right after Mufasa’s death was too soon and would have jarred the mood. The first link is the one with the deleted scene AND song. The second is just the song on its own. Give a watch and see what you think.

    1. Yeah, it wouldn’t have fit in the final version of the movie. It does give another sense of depth to Yzma, and it would have been interesting to see the film released. It’s just a missed opportunity.

      I have heard of the song or scene, but never took the time to watch it. Maybe it is just due to my lack of interest in The Lion King in general, but just never got to it.

  2. I agree that this is a great song and it was such a shame that they removed it from the film. As much as I love The Emperor’s New Groove there is a part of me that wonders what Kingdom of the Sun would have been like. The movie sounded so fascinating and thrilling. It’s such a shame that it was being made at a time where Disney was trying to get away from musical films as they began to lose popularity in the late 90s. Now that Disney is in a new golden age when it comes to their animated films. I think they should revive this project and make it CGI just like Tangled and Frozen. Unfortunately I know that won’t happen.

    Is it possible if you could check out the song Call me a Princess from Aladdin?

    1. I do feel like Kingdom of the Sun would be reminiscent to Pocahontas or Hunchback, which is why they tossed it. I don’t have the same love for Emperors as everyone else does, so I would have probably preferred the older version.

      I will check the song out for the review soon. Thanks.

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