DisneyToons Review: Conclusion

Well, this has taken WAY TOO LONG to complete, and I know it is because of the 6 month hiatus I decided to take in the middle of the canon reviews. Better late than never though. There hasn’t been too much that changed from when I was reviewing the WDAS canon in regards to the stats, though I did notice that people generally have a lot less to say about these films, so there were less comments.


I will first show my ranking of each film and see which one I think is the best and the worst

As you can see, these films ranged from decent at best, to completely horrible. In the height of the Disney Renaissance, the main Disney company wanted to capitalize of these characters of these movies, which resulted in most of these films. Even when things went downhill for the Post-Renaissance, a decent amount of those films go sequels as well (even though they did not care if those films were flops). It is clear that these films were in production for months at a time, with a year at the maximum, so they can put out a lot of product in a quick amount of time.

I found it interesting that the Aladdin sequels were not the first DisneyToons films, and the first one involved a show that was airing on the Disney channel beforehand. For the next 5 years after the Aladdin sequels were released, there actually was not a lot of these films that were released. They started to release 3 films a year at around 1999, and the amount of films that were released just increased and increased, as the company became more and more desperate for money, but more comfortable with their formula. At this point, they were not just making films from the Disney Renaissance, but from the films before that period, and afterwards. I feel like the reception of these films were kind of attached to the Post-Renaissance films, since the general public does not really know the difference between the two.

Unlike other studios, you cannot really divide these films into eras, with the small exception of the Tinkerbell and Planes franchises, that were done in the request of John Lasseter. The Tinkerbell franchise ended last year after decreasing sales, and to be honest, the redundancy of the films in general ruined things, while the Planes franchise never really took off. I have checked the DinseyToons Wikipedia page a lot, and the one thing that did not change is that there is no product coming out this year, next year, or even 2018. Apparently the next film is an untitled 2019 film. There have been reports for the past 2 years about major layoffs happening at DisneyToons, so the fate of the company is very uncertain. Either way, it is clear that the studio is not in a good place as of right now.

In regards to my personal experience reviewing the canon, I remember people warning me about the utter crap that the canon was filled with, and tried to change my mind on covering the studio, but…….. around June or July of last year, I had a numb freeze, which was starting to grow from April. I had just gotten my first job, I was in my final semester of High School, but the biggest reason involved the utter crap of these films tiring me out. I was getting tired of writing the same thing for each crappy movie after another crappy movie, there was no heart in my reviews, nor was there passion. I refused to even watch movies due to this for a few months, which is why I had to rush almost every 2015 movie release review in the last 3 months of the year. For 3 months, I mentally thought that I was done with this blog, and I did not care about coming back. It was horrible, but then in late September, I remember that I had an audience who was counting on me, and I was not going to end this blog on such a sour note. After getting the 2015 animated films done and over with, I made sure to finish Disneytoons, and here we are.

As for what is next, I am actually unsure about the order of things. I know I am going to review the Pixar films, but I only need to review 13, and there is still half of the year left. And then I was thinking that I should put that on hold until September or October, and then finish my Deleted Songs Analysis before then; or to even start writing posts on Race and Sex in the canons of WDAS, Pixar, DisneyToons, and DreamWorks. I might not post anything for the next few weeks, but knowing me, I will find something to post about.


8 thoughts on “DisneyToons Review: Conclusion

  1. Congrats on making it through the DisneyToons canon. I agree with everything you said. I think DisneyToons did some serious damage to Disney’s image. As it made them look like a money grabbing company that cared more about profit than quality, due to how phoned in these films were.

    I also believe that it caused some of the films in the Post Renaissance era to be flops. Since like you said, the general public doesn’t know the difference between WDAS and DisneyToons. Thankfully John Lasseter came in and stopped them from making anymore sequels. Although I do hope they don’t shut the studio down, since that means many people will lose their jobs. I hope the studio get themselves together.

    1. Absolutely. Thi studip definitely tainted WDAS’ image, and is a major controlibutor to the Post-Renaissance era. It seems like in recent years, they relied on the two franchises to carry them, but that is failing, so they are lost right now. Thank for the support.

  2. Congrats! I could never get through the Disneytoons Canon. It’s been interesting to watch your quest come through and I admire you for finishing it off.

    1. Thank you so much. The canon has been such a cloud of negativity, and it is nice to be removed from it. I almost didn’t finish, but no one should watch all of those films at once.

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