My plans for 2017

2016 has been a pretty successful year for the blog in my opinion. Got the dreadful Disneytoons over and done with on the first half, and finally got to Pixar in the later part of the year (though it would have been nice if I had an entire year to focus on it). It is a new year, and I am thinking about what I want to accomplish for 2017.

Since I have started this blog, I always dedicated a year to an animation studio. 2013 was DreamWorks, 2014 was WDAS, 2015 was Disneytoons, and last year was Pixar. So what now? I honestly do not want to spend an entire year reviewing another studio’s work. I personally enjoy it more when I am just talking and expressing my opinions without putting it into a cohesive review, and it seems like others prefer it that way as well, since it becomes a bit more like a conversation, and more easygoing. A year ago, I said I wanted to analyze and theorize more on the blog instead of reviewing a film, and it is something that is more enjoyable, but what?

I started reviewing deleted songs that took place last year, but I put it on hold. It is something that I want to continue, and it does interest some people from what I have seen. It is always neat to see why something was deleted. Finding some songs from Disney is getting quite challenging, and I have not heard much deleted songs from other animation studios, so I don’t know how much longer this will be around for.

Early on in the blog, I did post a few posts about analyzing animated couples, and it is something that people are always interested in, since if a relationship or a friendship is good and executed well, it makes people invest into a movie more. I will be renewing this series, where I analyze couples/friendships from Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, etc. This will probably be the first thing that I pick up next year, since I have some leftover on the blog from 2013, and it’s pretty easy to pick back up, since there is no need to watch the ENTIRE movie, and critique it on all levels.

This idea that is spinning in my head is that I want to analyze the portrayal of race, sex, class, gender, and even sexuality in animated films. People often do this for Disney, but not for a lot of other studios, and it would be interesting to do it for the other studios. I already posted a blog based on Race and Disney, already posted about Pixar females,  and I am currently typing a few of them. I might turn some of these into small videos.

The fourth idea that I have been dabbling with in my head is discussing animated shows. With the Tangled and Big Hero 6 series debuting this year, it would be a perfect opportunity to speak about animated television. I will probably dabble into this softly, since animated television has such a huge spectrum and margin, with adding it into the blogging schedule will be a bit of a challenge.

Of course I will be covering the animated films in 2017, but that was never a doubt. As for the last 2 days of 2016, I am going to post the Sing review tomorrow, and the Best and Worst of 2016 list should be up on New Years.


3 thoughts on “My plans for 2017

    1. Me too. I also forgot to mention that I’ll be discussing Award season in more detail, and speculating on what “would have won” if the Academy Awards was around before 2001.

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