Deleted Songs Analysis: Human Again

Wow, it has been 7 months since I have posted a deleted song analysis, though it was getting pretty challenging for me. Anyways, the song I am covering is “Human Again”, which is a deleted song from Beauty and the Beast.  The song in general is about the enchanted objects singing about their desires that involve being a human again, as they are preparing for the big ball scene, and cleaning the house, as it is also used as a montage song. I like the song, though I perfectly understand why it was cut.

The song starts with Lumiere singing “ I’ll be cooking again, be good-looking again,
With a mademoiselle on each arm,” also singing about being posed, polished, and gleaming with charm, establishing his playboy status. Mrs. Potts even comments, adding “which should cause several husbands alarm”.

Wardrobe sings about being glad that “I’ll wear lipstick and rouge, and I won’t be so huge. Why, I’ll easily fit through that door,” so her main concern is having the classy, human look. What I notice is that there is a complete lack of perspective from Mrs. Potts, other than add-in lines. Even Cogsworth says he wants to relax, singing that “In a shack by the sea, I’ll sit back, sipping tea, let my early retirement commence. Far from fools made of wax, I’ll get down to brass tacks”. It’s interesting, because it shows that he wants to wind down, and wants to focus on himself more as a person.

Now why was this song deleted? The writers of the film stated that it ruined the pacing of the film in regards to plots, and they kind of saw it as unnecessary. In a lot more recent copies of the film, this song is automatically included in it, so a lot more people are aware of it, and I also know that they added it for the musical as well. I have to agree that it does effect the pacing, because in additions that has this song, what I like to call “Frozen-syndrome” takes place. The song is right in between “Something There”, and “Beauty and the Beast”, and it would have been three songs playing back-to-back-to-back. It progresses Belle and Beast’s relationship throughout the three songs, but the side characters are kind of just rambling about what we already know.

I have to say that the score is very melodic, and the overall score is catchy. I listen to this song quite often, and I don’t mind it being re-added to the film, but if you are going to only include a few perspectives of the side characters, and not all of the important side characters, it is a bit unsatisfying. Apparently the song was going to be 11 minutes long, so we might as well gotten the perspective of Mrs. Potts, Babette, and some of the others as well. A part of the song was cut down, so “Something There” could be included, so I am wondering what the missing 7 minutes would have looked like.

I have a bunch of upcoming Deleted Songs posts in my Drafts, so they WILL be consistent. They will be posted every Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Deleted Songs Analysis: Human Again

    1. Yeah. I might end up redoing it again, because I am not sure about how it looks.

      It would be interesting to see the 13 minute version. Almost every version on the internet has the “Human Again” on BATB, so it is very noticeable.

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