Deleted Songs Analysis: Music In Your Soup

The song “Music In Your Soup” is from the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and I have to say………. I am not fond of it at all. It is honestly just another filler song, which the movie has enough songs that are debatably filler.  There is honestly not a whole lot to say about this song, but it is about the dwarfs eating soup sloppily, only to eat it sloppily with spoons, and Snow finally teaches them how to eat soup.

Onto the lyrics, it starts with “With a spoon and a bowl, with the music in your soul, you can cheer things up with the zub, zub, zub, of the music in your soup.” Just a bunch of rhymes, and describing a motion that does not mean much of anything. They continue with, “With a gulp, with a grin, get a wiggle on your chin, you can make things hum with a zum, zum, zum, of the music in your soup.” Nothing to speak about regarding the lyrics at all, and is just a bunch of nothing to be honest.

As you can all tell, I do not like this song at all. From what I have found out, this song was supposed to play right after the hand-washing song (another song that I found to drag the film along a bit too much). Having these two songs back to back in the film would have probably let me too bored in the film to continue, and would have ultimately pissed me off. I know the purpose of the song was to show Snow White’s growing relationship with the dwarfs, but there were other ways to do it without it taking so long.

Now as to why it was deleted. They probably knew that the film was dragging, so in order to save time and money, they cut the song before it was animated. A lot of the older Disney films have songs that could be considered filler, and are not formatted the same way as a lot of the more recent films, but I think they knew that there was a bit too much of those in Snow White and rthe Seven Dwarfs.

Anyways, I am going to be discussing the President swap (from Warner Animation Group to DreamWorks Animation) that will be in video format (which I am starting to work on more and more, and yall will finally hear my irritating voice). That will probably be up tomorrow.


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