Deleted Songs Analysis: Beyond the Laughing Sky

Well, this should have been posted 2 weeks earlier, but I was on a podcast during one of them, and I had last-minute homework to do before Reading Week. This week’s song is called Beyond the Laughing Sky from the film Alice in Wonderland. Overall, I like this song, which I was shocked by, since most of the songs I did not like or have any care for.

“My Dinah, you are wiser than wise, oh, what your eyes can see. You’re the only one who understands my curiosity, so, please tell me…” With these lyrics, we instantly get that she does not feel very comfortable in the world she lives in, since they do not understand her, and she does not understand the world she lives in much either. I am going to skip some of the lyrics, as I’m going to choose one that stands out to me. The next set of lyrics that stand out to me is “If I climbed the highest tree, Where, oh where would I be? Would I find a place for me, in the land of grand enchantment?” This speaks to her curiosity, and she wants to experience where she would go to find where she belongs, and the enchantment part speaks about her mysticism. There is not a lot of lyrics in itself, and none of the others really stood out to me, so sorry if this one is pretty short.

There is actually quite a bit of information about why this song got deleted. It has a lot of similarities to “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz. They wanted it to kind of be an homage to the film mentioned, but they knew it would be disappointing, because Kathryn Beaumont is not as good of a singer as Judy Garland. Because of this, they deleted the song to write an easier song for their actress to sing. It was replaced by “In A World of My Own”, which is a much simpler song to sing. That song kind of cuts down on the societal aspects, and gets more right to the point.

Sorry this is pretty short, but there isn’t much to say about this song.


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