Deleted Songs Analysis: Call Me A Princess

Hey yall. It has been a while since is have done this, but it has been in my catalogue for months. This week’s song is a deleted song from the movie Aladdin, and is about Princess Jasmine singing about her spoiled, extravagant lifestyle, and enjoying getting anything she wants. The song was deleted because they completely changed her character from being an obnoxious brat to a compassionate, naive woman during the early development, so the song did not suit her anymore.

Now with the analysis, the song starts with these lyrics “Call me a princess, I don’t care. Call me obsessed with nails and hair. Only concerned with what to wear, shallow and so blase.” Just from these lyrics alone, she seems a lot more confident about people, since she is aware of what they think of her, and admits that she is shallow, but has the right to be, since she is better than everyone else. This is only emphasized with these next lyrics “I’m unimpressed with your disdain. Let me repeat one sweet refrain; princesses get their way.”

It also delves into her relationship with her father, which is vastly different from the Jasmine we know today. The lyrics of this contain “Daddy thinks that I sound just fine, he’s in my royal sway. Other girls study, why do they bother? I study how to grease up my father. Fathers were born to pay, and princesses get their way.” This is literally the opposite of the final version of Jasmine, since this one sees her father as nothing but a wallet dispenser, and someone who gives her things, while the final version of Jasmine hates that her father does this to suit and to cover up the fact that she is lonely, and has no life experience. I am assuming that the production team were going to use this as development for the earlier version of Jasmine, but they tossed it away.

The final set of lyrics I want to mention consist of her talking about, and comparing herself to other girls, “Other girls cook, but that’s not relaxing. Princesses make reservations; life’s much too short and Lord, it’s so taxing.” Other set of lyrics include “Some say that when I nag and whine. Nobody’s voice is as shrill as mine. Daddy thinks that I sound just fine. He’s in my royal sway. Other girls study, why do they bother?” All I get from this is that she thinks she is better than the other girls because she does not have to perform woman duties in regards to studying and cooking, and in relation to providing for her family.


Now, the main question is that do I like this song? I like it a bit, but something about it is…. off, and I’m glad it was deleted. For one, this song kind of ages the film, as it seems like a teenager in the 90s speaking over a teenager in royal times. It made her look very horribly, though I know their intention was to develop her into what we know of her now by the end of the film. If they had a medium, I would have liked it a bit better. What I will say is that the instrumentation is amazing though. Thank you all for reading.


One thought on “Deleted Songs Analysis: Call Me A Princess

  1. Thanks for doing this one! I like this song, but I glad that it got removed from the film. It makes Jasmine looks like a spoiled brat and a completely unsympathetic character.

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