Tangled: the Series review (Part 1)

Hello everyone. I stated earlier in the year that I would watch and review the Tangled series, and now that I have had the time to see all of the episodes, I have to say that it is…….. alright. Still kind of confused about whether this is the first season, or if the new episodes will be considered the second season. This review only contains the first 8 episodes.


What I first want to address is the world-building, which I give them major props for. Corona is really given it’s own identity, niche, and is almost a character in itself for the show. Whether it is the castle, the residential village, and the forest, it all ties together to the plotlines, and the atmosphere of the characters well. This also contributes to some brilliant visuals, and despite the animation type changing to traditional animation, it still looks like Tangled the Movie, and the animation does not look cheap.


Now it is time to get into the characters, and I will start with Rapunzel. I like that they actually addressed her being naive, and having to learn certain terminologies and ideologies are; like what a “boo” is, and what a “prank” is. I felt like she was a bit too perfect in Tangled the movie, and I am glad they actually gave her a few flaws. I wished that they focused more on the dynamic with Rapunzel and her parents, since there is SO MUCH that they could have developed, and clearly missed out on. We instead focus on her friendship with Cassandra even more than her relationship with Eugene (which is played more for comedy than anything else).


Eugene/Flynn was definitely reduced to a more comedic role in comparison, as a lot of his dialogue involves him bickering with Cassandra, acting clumsy, or being the butt of a joke. I also noticed that he became a lot more obsessed with his looks, and there were certain moments where he was kind of just there, with very little to do, as he was not in the adventure at times. He did have a few episodes dedicated to him, where he had a former friend try to lead him back to his past life, and trying to bond with Rapunzel’s father.


Cassandra is…… a mixed bag to me. She is the adopted daughter of the Captain of the Guards, which has caused her to have a very dark exterior, and to lack a bunch of tolerance, which is why she does not get along with Eugene. There are some episodes where she talks about feeling a bit vulnerable over not knowing her birth parents, and a competition that she has prepared most of her life for. I wish the found a bit more balance with her execution, since sometimes, I feel like her humour is a bit too tryhard.


I REALLY wished that they showed Rapunzel’s parents more than they did, since I feel like it is such an important element in the story leading up to Rapunzel and Flynn’s marriage, as well as their adjustments to that lifestyle. We did see her father a few times, and his most memorable moment was where he asked for Eugene’s assistance into pranking the rival kingdom, and they started to bond over it. All I really remember from her mother is Eugene and Cassandra doing something so they can fix her vase. Hopefully they are more developed as the show goes on, especially their relationship with Rapunzel.


A part of me was definitely worried about the transition to traditional animation, and I have to say that they did it pretty well. The character designs from the 2010 movie has carried over and transitioned well into the cartoon, and the colors are roughly the same vibrant and spiritual colours used in the movie. It’s a very pleasant show to look at.


Overall, I am interested in seeing where the show will go, and what new potentials it will unleash as it continues. I definitely prefer some of the other Disney animated shows more (as I feel like they have better pacing and development), but there is definitely a lot of potential for this one. I would recommend people to watch, just for curiosity’s sake.


I will definitely cover the Big Hero 6 series when it airs soon, and might even cover some of the past shows like the Aladdin and The Little Mermaid series. Who knows, but either way, it is nice to finally be able to post pictures and stuff on my blog again. Take care.


2 thoughts on “Tangled: the Series review (Part 1)

  1. I’ve been watching the series as well. And I have to say it’s not too bad. I mean, yeah, I do think it could be improved on a lot, but overall, I say “not too shabby”.

    I, too, was worried about the transition from 3D to 2D, but I think they pulled it off very well. I dare even say I like the 2D animation more than the 3D one.

    The one thing that kinda bugs me though is the fact they’re not addressing what the deal is with those spikes. And how they’re connected to Rapunzel’s hair growing back. I mean, they were going to find out about it in the first episode, but then the notes get destroyed because, well, they just to make the series longer. And then they brought up the spikes AGAIN at the end of episode 7(?). But still, NOTHING!! What, are they saving that for the season finale (because the show got renewed for a second season already)? Some big, jaw-dropping reveal that they want to build up for? I don’t know, but it still kinda bugs me.

    I’m REALLY looking forward to the Big Hero 6 series. If it’s anything like Kim Possible (and given the fact that the creators of Kim Possible are producing the show), then it should be good! I saw the teaser for it and it looks good so far. What do you think!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. I never knew the creators of Kim possible were involved in the Big Hero 6 series. Definitely a lot more excited now. Thanks.

      Honestly, I forgot about the spikes, but they are clearly letting it drag for convenience. That’s kind of thr main problem with the series; everything is so blatantly convenient.

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