The purpose of AnimatedKid blog is to speak about Animated films,  companies, figures in Animation, Television, and everything about Animation. There will be polls every once in a while as well. This blog is solely run by Anii654, and if you need to contact me, my twitter is:


Here is how I usually review a film.

I discuss my overall, general opinion on a film with a few sentences. Then I will discuss the production of the film. After that, I will go into detail of the plot of the story, to pick up on the good, and the bad of the story, and then I will leave a final paragraph summarizing my opinion on the plot of the film.  The next section will be about the characters, where I give a sentence describing the cast overall, before I go into each character (the important ones). I will then briefly discuss the animation and the music of the film, before I discuss the reception when it was first released, and if it is an older movie, I will discuss the reception as of the day I am reviewing it. I will then go and mark the story, characters, animation, and music a number out of 10. I will add the numbers of those 4 categories, and then I will turn it to a percentage, diving the total number by 40, which will give the percent that I give the entire movie. Remember, the percentages are based off of the Ontario Rubric system.


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