Animatedkid`s First Anniversary

Thanks for remembering WordPress.
Thanks for remembering WordPress.

Well, it is that time to announce that today is Animatedkid blog`s first anniversary. I honestly did not imagine I would make it this far, and it would all happen so quick. This is a very good and fulfilling accomplishment I acheived, but before we get to all the mushy goodness, I think it is important to discuss how I created this blog, and what led me up to create this blog.

I got really interested into animation and all the history in 2012. Before that, I was not involved in the fandom to the point of creating accounts, commenting on blogs, and having all of these accounts, but things changed when I made a Fanpop account (now defunct) in early 2013. While I had a good time on Fanpop, I still felt like my opinion was not heard. I did not find WordPress until April 2013 when I read the blogs of Unshaved Mouse, which is where I met many of my followers. I engaged into conversations with many people at the time, and I was thinking of making a blog,. but never having the courage to.

Then on July 12th, 2013, I decided that I will create a blog, where I would discuss about animated films. I noticed that there were many bloggers who would review the entire Disney and Pixar canon, but never DreamWorks, so I decided that DreamWorks will be my very first project. I created my very first blog post ever on July 13th, 2013, announcing the debut of this blog.

I was in the middle of summer school when I first started this journey, and at first, I thought that no one liked the blog (to only find out that it was VERY unorganized). So, I went through the DreamWorks project within time, and I noticed that as every month passed by from July to December, my views went up. Around October or November, I decided that I would take on Walt Disney Animation Studios, and went on with it as soon as this year started. As soon as I started that project, my viewership went up by A LOT, and it is higher than ever right now.

I accomplished a lot with this first year, and met some brilliant, insightful, nice, and intellectual people, like Animation Commendation and Swanpride (who were my biggest supporters and were there from Day 1), and met other people like The Disney Odyssey, Taestful Reviews, BTW07, and so many more. And even the viewers that don`t comment; I am eternally grateful to you all as well, and I TRULY would not have lasted a year on WordPress without you all. The bloggers on WordPress are all respectful, and we are in a circle, where we view and comment all of our work, and it is not a competitive field. We all encourage one another, and support one another.

My most popular posts are my Shrek, Shrek 2, Chicken Run, Shark Tale, Prince of Egypt, Antz, Madagascar, Sinbad, Flushed Away, and Road to El Dorado reviews (and in that exact order). My Revival Era and Frozen Rant post is the 11th most viewed.

Out of the WDAS reviews, Bambi, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Aristocats, The Little Mermaid (it has only been out for 3 weeks), The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Robin Hood, and Sleeping Beauty are my most viewed in that order.

So, what do I plan on with the next year? Well I am going to finish up my Walt Disney Animation Studios reviews, post the 2014 and 2015 animated films reviews, and come animated couples reviews as well. The options are endless. Thank you all for being another family to me. God bless.


11 thoughts on “Animatedkid`s First Anniversary

    1. Lol. You literally were there for me from Day 1, so I really appreciate you being there. You are actually one of the reasons why I did not quit the blog.

      1. No prob! You, UM (Unshaved Mouse), Animation Commendation and Kevin have had a lot of perseverance to have gone as far as each of you have.

  1. Congrats, AnimatedKid! Must be a coincidence, but I saw Unshavedmouse’s blog as well! Keep pushing forward. 👍

  2. Congrats, AnimatedKid! Must be a coincidence, but I saw Unshavedmouse’s blog as well! Keep pushing forward. 👍

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