Theories connecting all WDAS films through locations, and characters

DISCLAIMER: All of this is just for fun. None of this is by any means confirmed to be true or canon. A theory is for fun sake regarding this topic, and you should take less seriously than a birth certificate, but maybe a bit more than a grain of salt. It is not that deep. Also, I am posting this instead of the Deleted Songs Analysis, since I did not have a song to write about. It should be posted on Friday.


I was bored over the course of the week, and after watching a few videos on the popular theories (all of the Frozen theories, some involving Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and Aladdin), and I was thinking how the less popular films that don’t have many theories connect to these films (and I am not going to base much of them on Easter eggs). To set the base for most of this, I am going to post a map where the locations for the film most likely takes place.


So I am going to start off with the most popular theory, which is the Frozen/Tangled theory. We all know what it is, and it holds some weight. There is really nothing else to mention. Even the one concerning The Little Mermaid holds some weight. I am going to debunk the theory that specifically connects to Tarzan, solely for the fact that his parents are English, and Frozen is based off Norway.

I was watching a video, which made a point to mention that Aurora/Phillip, and Tiana/Naveen are in the audience of Elsa’s coronation. I will post the picture that the video pinpointed.

Do you see people who look like Tiana and Naveen?
Do you see people who look like Tiana and Naveen?

While I do not think it is them, since Sleeping Beauty takes place centuries beforehand, and The Princess and the Frog takes place around a century afterwards. From that small picture, it does look like them, but it would not make sense if it would be them. If anything, it is Naveen’s royal descendants, and are probably his great grandparents, since Maldonia is most likely a European country.

World War 1

I do have another connection with The Princess and the Frog, and it is to Peter Pan. We know that Tiana’s father fought in the war, and Peter Pan takes place shortly before the first world war. Knowing how the conscriptions happened back in those days, and looking at the sequel, Wendy’s husband was recruited in the war. I believe that Wendy’s younger brothers (at least Michael) fought in the war, since they would probably be old enough, or lie to be old enough. Why? In the sequel we do not know the fate of either brother, and the both of them seem to be into the fighting, and honor, which was shown in the first film.  America and Britain fought together in the war, so there is a good chance that Tiana’s father fought with the Daring Husband and Brother(s).

One thing that I have always questioned is how does Big Daddy La Bouff have access to royalty? I know being a huge business man can give you a lot of strong connections, but that strong? This must mean that he travels to Europe quite a bit. Who else could he know.

Darling Porter Childhood friends

Tarzan is supposed to take place in the late 1880s, while Peter Pan is supposed to take place in the early 1900s. The one main connection that I could really make is that Jane and the Darling parents would be around the same age, and both families seem to be of the upper-middle class. Could Jane have potentially known Mr. Mrs Darling when the two were younger? There is some potential, but other than the connection of them living in London, give or take a few decades, this was it. Maybe Jane was childhood friends with Mr. and/or Mrs. Darling.

Gypsies and Agrabah

I have another connection between films, and I am shocked that no one has brought it up earlier. This connection is through The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Aladdin. As we know, gypsies originate from regions ranging from Egypt to India, and the Middle East is in between both areas. Hunchback takes place in the later decades of the 1400s, and Aladdin takes place in the earlier times (in the hundreds, and no, I do not believe in that post-apocalyptic theory). Have we ever seen Aladdin and Jasmine take part in any serious manner regarding to their royal titles in the films and the TV series? They got married, but it is very obvious that the Sultan is the ruler. He could have given it to them, but we both know that the both of them travel VERY much. Is it possible for their children (or themselves even) to leave Agrabah, and as the generations went on, their potential descendant (Esmeralda) ends up in France? I completely forgot about Quasimodo, but the same thing applies to him, since he is the son of gypsies in the book and the film.

Sleeping Beauty France Descendants

There is another theory that has been swung around about Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora being descendants of Prince Eric, which is due to a portrait of them being in the dining area of the castle. This is possible, but I do not know if I really buy it, because Eric is in Denmark, and Aurora and Phillip are in France. It is still possible, but I doubt it. Based on some of my research regarding the Medieval Times in France (which did end around the 15th century), Phoebus would be a part of the nobility, and nobility has been tied in with royalty in the past regarding relations. Honestly, I am just having fun with all of this, but it could be possible. Since the Medieval Times of Aurora and Phillip were many centuries before some of these films, there is a chance that Prince Charming from Cinderella, and the Beast could be descendants from them as well. Actually, that would be more likely than what I mentioned right above this, though Hunchback and Sleeping Beauty are tighter in years. Royalty married royalty, and both Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast look like they take place in France.

Fox and Bambi American Forest

Another connection that is very strong involves the films Bambi and The Fox and the Hound. There is no specific time to either film, but the forests in both films regarding the animals and forestry are very American. It also helps when we see Bambi’s mother in the film. I am only mentioning this point (since she is seen in most films) because the settings for both films are very similar. Amos Slade is a hunter who raises hunting dogs, where he takes them deeper in the forest to train when it is winter. Bambi’s mother is shot by hunters, and we have seen hunting dogs in the franchise. For the hell of it, we can assume that he is the one who shot the deer. We do not know what time this is, and we cannot automatically assume that they are in different times, because many people who live in rural areas do not dress the same as people who live in urban areas. The book also came out in 1967, and there is no specified time frame either. I never realized how strong the ties between the two films are, so there is a chance that these two can be extremely related.

Dark Ages England Knights

The Black Cauldron is taking place in the early Medieval Ages (like the 5th-8th century), which is when King Arthur lived his life. In both The Black Cauldron and The Sword in the Stone, there is a huge emphasis on knights, and wanting to become a knight. In both settings, the land does not seem the most pleasant, or a light atmosphere to look at. We know that Arthur was adopted, and we know nothing about Taran and Elionwoy’s backgrounds. The latter claims she is a princess (though there is no reason for her to be one), and Taran is a pig keeper. There is a lot that is unknown in either film, and I feel like there could be some connection there, but I cannot currently find it, or am stretching this way too much.

Darling London Heritage

Alice in Wonderland takes place in the late-Victorian era London, and Peter Pan takes place in the early-1900s London. We have heard the comparisons between the two films many, many, many times, but has it lead up to anything? Obviously, the human characters look alike, and they act alike. Obviously, both films have the same artists who were working on it. Just from a few minutes of Google, Alice in Wonderland the book was published in the 1860s, and Peter Pan was published in the 1900s. I know, I know it is another potential descendant theory, but this one makes sense. Could Alice, or even her sister be the Darling children’s grandmother? They all have a huge imagination like Alice does, and there is a strong resemblance. The location is the same, and the time frames are very tight.

Mouse Theory

Now this theory is not about the time frame, but it is about a specific series having their own society and organization. The Rescuers takes place in the 1970s, and The Great Mouse Detective takes place in 1897, so there is no immediate connection. What I did pick up on is that both films have mice for spies/agents, so I am wondering if the Rescue Aid Society could have potentially started from The Great Mouse Detective. Sure, Basil never interacts with humans, but him working with another mouse (Dr. David Dawson), and growing to be more trusting of others with his work could have been the platform for something a lot bigger. These mice are anthropomorphic, but they do still live in the human world, and live in places where we come to know of mice often inhabiting in both films. There is a lot of potential.

Germany Evil Queen Mother Gothen Kingdom theory

Everyone knows about the theory that the Evil Queen could be Mother Gothel, and that both Tangled and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs most likely takes place in Germany. In this comparison, it is noted that the Evil Queen’s castle was in the middle of the forest, and that it ends up being abandoned by the end of the film. We also know that Snow White ends up going to a farther off kingdom, and from that small picture of it in the end, it is at a place which looks more accessible, compared to the more isolated area of Snow White’s old castle. Is it possible that the tower Rapunzel and Mother Gothel reside in could be ruins from the old castle? And could Corona be the Prince’s castle, but centuries in advance? To be honest, this one is kind of a stretch as well.

Stupid Theory

This one is pretty obvious, and has been mentioned in some capacity. We know Hercules takes place in Ancient Greece, and there were people living in the Middle Eastern areas at the time, since Mesopotamia was before Ancient Greece. People have connected that while they were flying on the magic carpet, they passed Greece, and in Hercules, there is something purple that flies over it in a fast speed. It also helps that the Aladdin characters have actually been in the Hercules series, and they have actually interacted to the point where they consider one another friends. It is definitely possible that this could take place in the same world, with the times lining up. It could, or could not be a stretch, but all of this is in good fun, and there has always been a possibility. Especially in the case than when they do meet, the events in the Aladdin series is long done, and Hercules is still a teenager. This also fits in with real life, because the former was released four and a half years before the latter. There is also the fact that the Hercules TV show contradicts the movie with the plot anyways, so……..


Well, that is it for this foolish blog post. Post what you think of all of this. Note that I am not the creator of these theories, and I take no ownership. Sure, some I just randomly credited, but this is all in good fun, and there is no pride from claiming ownership of a lighthearted theory like this.


8 thoughts on “Theories connecting all WDAS films through locations, and characters

    1. Pretty much. Just wanted to engage in something that is lighthearted. Some people get really offended and butthurt when it comes to these things.

  1. Great theory blog post! These theories are really interesting. Have you ever considered talking about The Pixar Theory?

    Also, it’s a good thing you put a disclaimer. If the internet is known for anything, it’s for overreacting to stuff that’s not meant to be taken seriously.

    1. Thanks. I have heard about the Pixar Theory, and read the updates as new films come out. As for a commentary, I don’t think I can really say anything other than it is plausible, but the producers aren’t going to deny or confirm because it is just more promotion for Pixar. There isn’t really much to add to it either.

      People go crazy over these theories, and after being in the online fandom for the past few years, there is a lot of ugliness over this stuff (though wordpress is a lot calmer). It is sad when disclaimers are needed for these things.

  2. My theory is that they are all set in different time periods, and ones without magic no longer remember how to use them, and those that look completely different from the rest are taken place in another planet, ie anthropomorphic films.

    1. That is actually pretty interesting. It would be interesting to see someone go through all of them. The anthropomorphic films I could not add through here, but your idea makes everything a lot easier.

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