DisneyToons review: Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True

Disneytoons 17th film.
Disneytoons 17th film.


My opinion right after watching movie

My opinion right after watching the film is that it is overly cheesy, redundant, and unnecessary. You cal tell that this was a random project that was put together. This film is the result of a complete story getting a sequel, and the sequel adding nothing to the world of the franchise when it comes to characters, setting, conflicts, etc.


Once again, there is no information on the production of this film.


The film starts with Gus (Corey Burton) and Jaq (Rob Paulsen) warming through the palace to meet up with the Fairy Godmother (Sussane Blackslee) , who decided to make a visit. They missed her reading the only Cinderella book there is, and they all decide to make another book that Cinderella can read…. whatever.

Aim to Please

Cinderella 2

This leads us to our first short, where Cinderella (Jennifer Hale) and Prince Charming (Christopher Daniel Barnes) arrive home from their honeymoon, only for his father (whom I cannot find the credit to on Wikipedia for some reason) to tell him that they have to leave to handle other issues. All I see is another excuse for the writers, directors, etc have an excuse to not develop Prince Charming into………… an actual character.

Anyways, Cinderella has to plan the next Royal Ball, and receives the help of a snobbish adviser named Prudence (Holland Taylor), and the ladies in waiting Beatrice and Daphne (Russi Taylor). Here is where things get really repetitive; Cinderella can’t cook her own breakfast, dress how she wants, sit wherever she wants, open the curtains, invite commoners to the ball, so on and so on, since it simply isn’t done, which Prudence makes very clear over and over again. Cinderella does not get why things have to be this way, but tries to conform anyways. Cinderella then decides to do things her own way, and when it is time for the Ball, the King loves everything *eye roll*. This short is aggravatingly repetitive.

Tall Tail

Cinderella 2

So this short starts off with Jaq and Gus gathering flowers fir Cinderella, only to show up, seeing her look at a bouquet already in front of her. He tries to help Cinderella out by bringing her list to her, but screws up with that too. She asks him to make it to the stable with her which makes him excited, but when she is there, Cinderella cannot see him, and proceeds. Jaq complains about being too small to be seen or of use in the castle, and the Fairy Godmother shows up to tend to him.

He wishes to turn into a human, which the Fairy Godmother questions, but grants his wish anyways. He is glad and getting used to his human appearance, and we get a bad song that is going with him prancing around as a human. One of the palace cats are chasing after him because she saw Jaq turn into a human, which means he is a really large mouse *shrug*.  Jaq soon becomes one of Cinderella’s best helpers, and is dealing with his fear of cats. Some random woman is interested in Jaq, and when they go to the carnival, he screws stuff up, and an elephant goes rampant. He turns into a mouse to stop the elephant, and since he was not happy as a human anyways, he is proud to be a mouse. Typical story. It is not bad, but it is not endearing either.

An Uncommon Romance

Cinderella 2

So this short consists of Anastasia (Tress MacNellie) going to a baker shop, and grows a crush on the baker (Rob Paulsen), but when Lady Tremaine (Susanne Blakeslee) enters, she tells her daughter to get out of the store, since it is all low class, and inferior, which she sadly obliges to. Cinderella sees all of this, and orchestrates with her mice and bird friends to have the both of them meet up again, by taking her hat, and the baker’s bread. Anastasia gets all messed up, and runs off crying. Cinderella consoles her, and tells her not to give up. I get it that Cinderella is the all nice one and stuff, but to go out of her way to help someone that does not care for her, and made her life a living hell is a bit much…. at least to me.

Somehow, the mice play matchmaker for Lucifer and a royal cat, and it does not work out. With the Anastasia storyline, you can predict what will happen right off the bat. They sneak off, Lady Tremaine finds out and disapproves, and Anastasia stands up to her mom for love. Whatever.

This entire film is unnecessary. Painful cliche after painful cliche, little joy in the film, and no effort put into it at all. It is a cheap production, with a cheap creation, and a cheap payoff.
This entire film is unnecessary. Painful cliche after painful cliche, little joy in the film, and no effort put into it at all. It is a cheap production, with a cheap creation, and a cheap payoff.


Not inpressed with the characters in this film. Cinderella comes off like she is perfect, Lady Tremaine is still the awesome witch she always is, Anastasia was eh, the mice were annoying as always, the Prince Charming is absent as usual, and there is no development or natural progress of the characters.


The animation in this film is no horrible or displeasing to look at….. it is a bit……, but overall, it is just very cheap. The backgrounds have little to no effort put into it, the movements are very cheap, and you can tell that the designs are very plain on the characters. You can tell that it reeks of that cheap feeling.


The music has this cheap, contemporary pop feeling to it, which is very grating to listen to. I do not remember any of the songs, though the score is decent but unmemorable.

Reception at Release

When the film was released on February 26th, 2002, the film sold out on DVD really well, making about $120 million, proving it to be a huge success. Critically, it was extremely panned for being a lazy, effortless package film that ads nothing to the franchise, and only makes

Disney look worse.

Reception Today

The reception today is worse than it was during its release. It is seen as one of the worst DisneyToons films to ever be made, and many loathe what it did to the world and the characters of Cinderella.

Final Score

Story: 5/10

Characters: 5/10

Animation: 5/10

Music: 6/10

21/40 = 53%

Next time…

Review: May 4th, 2015
Review: May 18th, 2015

17 thoughts on “DisneyToons review: Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True

  1. It’s definitely one of the worst. 3 isn’t perfect but a big step up IMO. The worst of the worst is next week. Its painful.

      1. I have to believe they just phoned it in on this one. The third one isn’t a classic but at least it looks like they tried to come up with a clever idea and story. This one has no effort in any part of it.

  2. I just think it reinforces the lazy understanding of Cinderella. I try to defend the character as a hard worker with faith and determination. But this dilutes her to a bit of a twit.

  3. I know I’m a bit late, but welcome back from your hiatus. I hope everything regarding Internet is fixed and you’re all set from this point forward.

    Not much to say on this, but “Eh”. But that’s pretty much the case with 99% of all DisneyToon movies. Speaking of which, I know you had your hiatus and all, but where are you at with the DisneyToon films? Just curious.

    Ah, the next film. Probably one of the worst ones. I’d say top 10 easily. I hope you mention the villain’s narcissistic personality (that’s what it appears to be, at least for me anyway) and Quasimodo’s “normal, pretty” face that he sees inside a bell. You know, this one:

    And that also leads me to the animation of the ENTIRE movie. Good grief, what happened?! I think it could give Return of Jafar’s animation a run for its money as the worst animation in all of the DisneyToon movies. But I’m sure you’ll cover that and a lot more next week.

    Good luck!

    1. My internet issues are definitely fixed, but preparing to go into Post-Secondary school is something that is stalling me with this blog. I am not far with the DisneyToon films (only at 101 Dalmatians 2).

      I will definitely get into all of that next week.

  4. The animation is especially bad. Though I have to admit, I like the concept of Anastasia falling in love. I just wish they had executed it better.

    1. Pretty much. Forcing all of that into a 20 minute segment is not a good idea, especially with the lack of effort that was put into the entire film.

  5. Ooooh I can’t wait to see you rip Hunchback II apart (you will do that, right?) I tried watching it a while ago and had to stop halfway through because I got so annoyed at its terribleness!

  6. Oh, no…not Hunchback 2! I haven’t seen the film itself, but I’ve seen one review of it and I can see where people are coming from when they say it sucks.
    Said review here:

  7. This film segment’s were going to be part of a now cancelled T.V. series titled Cinderella Stories. That show most likely got cancelled due to the extremely harsh reception of Belle’s Magical World.

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